Week In Photos #41

Sunday, 7 April 2013
Snow / Patch / Getting creative / Krispy Kreme
OOTN / Nandos / More snow / Pretty chemicals
OOTD / Mama's pizza / Zen Lifestyle event / Shellac nails

Hello everyone, it's been so long since I last done a week in photos! My apologies. I think the most important thing that has happened since I last updated you is that my mum got me a dog. His name is Sam, he is a 9 month old chocolate labrador! It was a complete surprise, I came home from work and he was just sitting there in my kitchen. It's been a week today since we got him and he's settling in really well. His old owners worked 12 hour shifts and he's definitely enjoying all the walks he's getting here. Also on Thursday I went to an event at the Zen Lifestyle salon on Teviot Place in Edinburgh with Charlotte. It was a great night and I'll write a full post on it later. I've also been blogging everyday in April, did you notice? Oh and we started a YouTube channel, check it out here!

What have you been up to recently?

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