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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hello everyone. On Thursday night I went to an event at the Zen Lifestyle salon on Teviot Place(Edinburgh) with the lovely Charlotte. Upon entering the salon we were greeted by the lovely staff and a complementary glass of bubbly. Charlotte and I arrived quite early, there were only about 6 other bloggers there at the time, and we were given a tour of the salon. The salon offers an extremely wide range of treatements, everything from waxing to an innovative laser facial treatement, 'clear and brilliant'. As someone who has a hairdresser/beauty therapist for my mum I'm used to having such treatements done at home, this was actually the first time I had ever been in a salon that my mum doesn't work in! The treatement rooms are absolutely lovely, they all have adjustable lighting and various playlists that you can alter to the client's wishes. Charlotte and I had a good old mess around with the lights(sorry Zen ladies) and even sat on the treatement beds. The beds were soooo comfy and wait for it.. heated! Can you imagine having a massage on a heated bed, oh my I think I'd fall asleep. Another thing that I thought was really cool was that all the rooms have tablets so that the therapists can show before and after pictures etc. to clients. There were three free treatments available that night: blink and go lashes, HD brows and shellac nails. Charlotte and I didn't manage to book ourselves in for any but there were some cancellations so we were able to get out nails done! More about that to follow. They have three salons in central Edinburgh and you can visit their website here.

We had a good old mingle around. This was my first event so I was really excited to get to meet bloggers. A lot of the people there I already followed but it was also a great opportunity to meet new people and find some new blogs to follow. Everyone seemed so nice which was great as I get pretty nervous about approaching people. All the staff were lovely as well and would happily answer any questions you had. Charlotte and I were on a mission to hand out a lot of our business cards and network for our new YouTube channel, mission complete! We were also given little name tags, such a nice touch.

When we left at the end of the night we were given goody bags, how exciting! They contained a full size Murad Cleanser, some mini Murad goodies, a Zen candle, a £20 off voucher for a facial and a leaflet that contained all the information out Zen's treatements. The candle is by Arran Aromatics, as Arran is one of my all time favourite holiday destinations I can't wait to use it. I'm also super excited to try out the cleanser, as the samples have high SPF I might keep them until I go on holiday/ it gets more sunny. I thought this was really nice of them, especially as they had already given us a treatement for free.

The shellac nail treatement was really good. I went for a classic red colour as I love red nails but haven't found a polish that doesn't chip really easily and shellac can last for weeks. The lady doing my nails was super lovely and explained everything to me. She also put up with me and my hatred of having my nails filed, it gives me mega goose bumps and I was making some interesting faces. The finished nails look amazing, the are super super glossy and feel really nice. They've also survived 3 shifts at work without any damage, and that never happens.

All in all I am super impressed with the salon. I'm not sure if I'll treat myself to any treatments as they are quite expensive(well they are if you're 16) but I wouldn't hesitate to treat my mum to a massage or something! I would also like to apologise for lack of photos of the salon, guess what numpty went to a blogging event with their camera needing charged?

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