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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Delilah Dust has become almost 'blogger famous' and it's easy to see why. They sell lots of lovely handmade jewellery at reasonably cheap prices. A little while before Christmas a friend of mine asked me for clue for a present I'd like, I sent her a link to the online store. She bought me the silver infinity necklace and some earrings. The earrings are made by Anna from Annarack but are stocked on the website, I regret informing you that the earrings are no longer available. When I got them I was super excited, I loved them both so much and couldn't wait to wear them. And then one week letter, my necklace broke. It wasn't so much a break as such but the chain had became unattached as shown in the photo below. It's probably easy to fix but it was so small and fiddly, I sent them a little message on Facebook to ask them for any tips and they offered to send me a replacement for free. The replacement necklace came a week later and I've been wearing it at least four days a week for a couple of months now with no problems. I assume my first was just a dud. I would really recommend Delilah Dust, especially for treating yourself or a friend. I follow them on instagram as well and they have been posting some photos recently of absolutely beautiful gemstones they are going to be making into necklaces, I can't wait to get my hands on one! As you may of noticed, I have an ad for Delilah Dust in my sidebar, you can use this to get a little discount if you choose to order yourself something. Happy shopping!

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