First Impressions - Crafty Creatives Box 11 #ccbox11

Friday, 17 May 2013
-Spoiler Alert-
If you are a subscriber to Crafty Creatives and haven't received your box yet then don't read on!

After receiving my first Crafty Creatives box last month I couldn't wait to see what would be in this month's! I now realise that box subscriptions like this are addictive. When I first signed up I only intended staying around for a few months because of the money but now I realise I'll probably keep my subscription for a very long time! Anyway, this months theme is "glamour". And by glamour they basically mean classic style, almost pin up inspired. I think this choice was inspired by the release of The Great Gatsby movie which I am dying to go see.  I absolutely loved this theme, I love pretty much everything in the box! I thought that I loved last months box but this one is so much better!

The art card is a beautiful portrait drawn by the lovely Lianne Williams. What I like about this is that the actual sketch is so well done and looks very classic but the hot pink lips and the multicoloured paint splatter make it a bit more modern. The girl is also very pretty, at first I thought it was a drawing of Lana Del Ray. There's some resemblance there isn't there? 

This month's kit is for a beaded hair clip. Oh my god. I am so excited to make this. I'm trying to grow out my fringe so this would be so great for me to use. Plus I kind of messed up last months kit so I really need to redeem myself. It looks quite difficult though, we shall see. It's probably quite time consuming so I'll have to wait until after my exams. If I'm successful then I'll probably do a post about it.

The beaded fluffy trim is the only thing I really dislike about this box. I think it's really tacky and I can't see myself using this at all unless as part of a fancy dress costume.

These little beads are genuine Swarovski crystals! That's so cool. I do really like them but according to the art card they also gave out ones in other colours and I wish I'd gotten another colour as pink isn't a colour I'm really crazy on. Despite that I'm sure I'll be able to find some use for them. The velvet pouch is very cute too.

I'm super impressed by the concept of this photo glue. It's basically glue that you use to stick photos down in albums, scrapbooks etc but you can then peel the photos off the paper again if you want to without damaging them. Why have I not heard of this before?! It would have been perfect for making the scrapbook I made my mum for her birthday. This is from Stix2.

These beads are quite nice. They remind me of those bracelets that are made with string ties that are very popular at the moment. I'm not too keen on those bracelets but a few of my friends have them so I'm going to try and work out how you tie them and make one as a gift.

Since I started pen-palling a while ago I'm always looking for cute ways to 'pimp my stationary'. This cute lace print stamp and golden ink are perfect. I think I'll use these to 'seal' letters like you do with wax. I bet it looks really pretty. If you live outside the UK and would like to be penpals then leave me a comment!

This 'metallic stardust' is very similar to the ones in last month's box except these are all one colour. Not sure what to do with them but I want to try a caviare manicure with them for definite.

This rose pendant is very cute but I'm not too sure what to do with it as it is rather chunky, I might make a key ring with it as I think that would look very cute. Or I might actually just put it on my noticeboard as a cute little decoration, who knows!

These rhinestone droplets will make such nice little earrings. How convenient that they included some earring making pieces! Can't wait to make them(will probably do it as soon as I've finished taking photos.

This fat quarter of black velvet is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately it's just the tiniest bit too small for me to be able to make a skirt with. I'm undecided on whether to make a pillow or a hairband with this, what do you think?

Overall, I love this month's box. Next month celebrates them being established for over a year so I'm hoping they'll pull something extra special out of the hat.

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