Hello, I Is Sam

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hello, I is Sam. I is a chocolate Labrador. I is a ten months old. I is also commonly referred to as Numb Nuts and Halfwit. I does not understand this so much though. I has been living with Hayley and her family since Easter Sunday. I is from Preston. I lived with Charlotte and Dan, who were very nice people. But they worked very long days and I lived in the garage. When Charlotte got pregnant I find out I is going to live with someone new. I travelled all the way from Preston to Windermere where I got picked up by Gillian and John(Hayley's mum and stepdad) in their big purple car and then came to Scotland. All in the one day. So I was in the kitchen with John and then Hayley and her sister Abbey came in and they was like 'Who's is he?' and Gillian was like 'yours' and then they started crying and I was like 'what is going on play with me this is all exciting and new'. Anyways fledjbsjlvbdbfdjbcv oh sorry about that. I got excited because someone rang the front door bell and my paw slipped. I is unable to delete this because I am only a dog and I is still getting used to this keyboard thing. So I is a member of the household for over a month now and I is enjoying it very much. I has been going on lots of walks every day down the 'burn' which is what these crazy people in Scotland call a river. Still getting used to their weird words, only understand so much as a dog you see. I gets lots of treats and Hayley's sister is training me to jump over poles in the garden, only do it for the treats. At first I used to pull lots on the lead because in Preston I no get walked so much, but now as I am beginning to realise I will get walked lots I is getting better. Also other people sometimes let me run with their dogs and that is fun. Although sometimes if it is a lady dog I get too excited, who can blame me? I have a special soft spot for Molly, another chocolate lab. She is four years old but what can I say, I likez an older woman. Fortunately it appears that  my balls are safe. I hears people talking about me and they say 'fifth generation pedigree' and 'think of the stud free'. I no understand as I is dog but from what I can tell I is safe for now. I is very good at helping out. I have completely remodeled garden. Who liked all those plants anyway? Not me. Much nice with everything dug up I says. Especially that tree, it was begging to be bitten down. I also like to play tug a war with toys and I like to chew bottles and sticks. I also like to play 'lets try and get in the bin game' that is a very fun game. Also like to run upstairs and see how many socks I can steal before I get taken back down stairs. Anyways I has to being going now. Sticks to chew, things to sniff. I lead a busy life you know! Can't spend all my times on this laptop thing. If Hayley sees this she might be annoyed at me, may have left some saliva on laptop when I was investigatings scents. YOLO.

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