How To Remove A Shellac Manicure At Home On A Budget

Monday, 6 May 2013

Hello everyone! As a few of you may already know I got a shellac manicure done whilst at the Zen Lifestyle event around the start of April. The one thing I was worried about was removing it, if you don't do it properly then it can damage your nails and my nails are crappy enough thank you. Zen sell a remover for it which is £6 and lasts for 3 removals but I thought 'nah I can do that cheaper' so set out to find how to do it on a budget. And here's how.

As you can see when I decided to take it off it wasn't too chipped, but as I play guitar my nails had gotten too long and it was starting to annoy me. This was two weeks after application. You will need 100% acetone, I bought this bottle from Sally's for £1.69. If you can't get that get a nail varnish remover that's as high in concentration of acetone as you can find although pure acetone will be the most effective. You will also need cotton wool pads, tin foil and lots of time.

Start by pouring some acetone into the lid of the bottle and soak your finger in it for around two minutes, just to let the acetone weaken the shellac a little bit. Then soak the cotton wool pads(I recommend cutting them into semi circles) in the acetone. Apply one onto each nail and wrap each nail in tinfoil. This a) keeps the cotton pads stuck to your nails and b) keeps the acetone off the rest of your hands because it will dry out your skin.

As you can see from the photo below you can't really do much with tinfoil hands so I recommend doing it one hand at a time. Also find something you can do with one hand, watch youtube videos, instagram, twitter because you need to leave one hand for 10 minutes. Also some acetone will drip out so best to have some tissues to clean up any spillages.

Now the really hard bit to explain. After you remove it you have to take the thumb nail of the opposite hand and gently scrape off the shellac. If it's not coming along easily then you need to soak it in acetone more. This is really messy so you should probably put something down to catch it. Then wash your hands and go over each finger with a clean cotton wool pad to remove any sneaky bits left. Tah da! Gone. Your nails won't be in tip top condition but they'll be a lot better than if you'd removed them incorrectly. You can go to back to the place you had the shellac done and pay for removal but it's going to be a lot more expensive than £1.69! This will take about a third of the bottle, as it's quite small. If you aren't going to be getting another shellac manicure then you can use the acetone to remove normal nail polish, but watch out because it's very strongly scented!

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