Money Supermarket's Inspect A Gadget - Phillips ESee HD Camcorder

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I was recently given the fantastic opportunity to work with Money Supermarket on their Inspect a Gadget campaign. It's all about budget gadgets, focusing on those that you would use whilst on holiday. I was given a selection of gadgets, all around the £50 mark, to choose from and I went for the Phillips ESee HD Camcorder from Expansys. I decided to go with the camera as I've recently started making videos for Paperbacks And Beauty Facts and would love to film in HD, this also takes 12mp photos and my normal camera only does 10! This camcorder is on sale at £51.99 which I have to say is a great price as it's usually £99.99. I bought my current camera a few years ago for around £100 and it only takes 10mp photos and doesn't film in HD! You get free delivery which is supposed to take 3-5 days but I got next day and that's not because I was getting special treatment as a reviewer, I was given a paypal transfer and bought it as a regular customer. Big thumbs up for Expansys, had never heard of them but will go back if I need any new technology.

Onto the camcorder itself. My main beef with this camcorder is it's internal memory. I didn't really think about it when ordering the camcorder but it runs on a micro SD card, most cameras and laptops deal with standard SD cards so it just makes things a little bit awkward. When this came in the post I was really excited to get it out and film straight away but it's internal memory only hosts 14 seconds of video which is pretty poor. I had to order a micro SD card specifically to use with this. I found this Kingston one on Amazon for under £6 so it wasn't exactly breaking the bank but I would have preferred if the camcorder came with better memory or an SD card slot. This one is 8GB and you can film for two hours or take around 2000 photos. The camera itself is really great. One of my favourite things about this is that it automatically turns on and off when you lift the viewfinder. This means that if something spontaneous happens and you want to film it you can do so really quickly. It also starts recording or takes the photo straight away when you press the button. I don't know how many times I've ruined a photo because of something moving! The view finder is a 3 inch LCD touch screen. The screen is easy to navigate to change the settings. This has a range of shooting modes, from auto to sunset, and can shoot in black and white etc. The image and film quality is great. If you'd like to see some footage shot with this then you can check out this week's Paperbacks And Beauty Facts video. I'm super pleased with this.

As for connecting to a pc, this comes with an attached USB stick which pops out at the push of the button. At first I though this was a good idea and it looks really cute. But when I tried to plug it in it felt really fragile and I was scared I was going to snap it off. I'd prefer a cable. In future I think I'll just put the micro SD card into the adaptor and transfer my videos and pictures that way.

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