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Monday, 20 May 2013

As a little something different for you all today I though I'd talk about my favourite tv shows. Now as a rule, I never watch tv on tv! I'm the sort of person that gets hooked on a tv show and then watches all of the seasons back to back on the internet in an embarrassingly short amount of time. Please tell me you all do this too?

NCIS is the show that I've been watching for the longest out of all of these. I actually started watching this on recommendation from my granny and what can I say the lady's got good taste! This show is about an investigative team that look at crimes related to the navy/marines and those that work for them. I think it's the characters in this that really make it for me. I love Abby, think McGee is a bit of a nerdy hottie and Gibbs is just such a strong father figure for the whole team. Between me and my gran, we have every season on dvd.

The next tv show I really fell in love with was Grey's Anatomy, a girl in one of my classes lent me the first few seasons on tv and I think I watched the first season in two days(this isn't as bad as it's a very short season!). Grey's Anatomy follows a group of surgical interns, it's weird watching the earlier seasons as they're all proper doctors now. This show has a tendency to make me cry, and I'm not a crier! Especially on the season finales this show has some terrible cliff hangers!

House MD is my boyfriend's favourite tv show and we started watching it together a few months ago. We've just finished season 6 and I'm really enjoying it. It's about a diagnostic team of doctors headed by the infamously witty House. I love Haugh Laurie's, the actor who plays House, acting. House is just such an interesting character!

Castle is a police detective show with a twist. The main character Castle is a writer who is friends with the mayor, and has managed to bag himself a spot shadowing the NYPD. This show is really funny, I'd say it's just as much of a comedy show as it is a cop show. And there are two couples in this that I 'ship' so badly!

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