Sunday, 5 May 2013

The 'I Won £200 of Boots Points' Haul

 Have you ever been in Boots, buying your stuff and been handed a voucher with your receipt with a code to fill in an online survey? I think we all have. And just before Christmas I decided to fill one in. I forgot about it and then at the end of March I got a phone call. "Hi is that Hayley? Good this is Lynn from Boots. Basically you won £200 of Boots points in our customer survey prize draw before Christmas. I'm not sure why it's taken so long for us to contact you but I was wondering when you're available to come and collect them." Oh. My. God. I was/am so excited. The first thing I done when I got off the phone was call my gran. That bargain loving lady was so proud. I started plotting and planning. I have a basic idea for a wishlist but as my local Boots is very small, I'm going to have to wait until I'm in Edinburgh or Glasgow before I get some major splurging done.

However, when I went into the shop I couldn't resist treating myself to a few bits. Just to check the points were there ;). I've been lusting after Nail Envy for ages and at £18.65 it's not exactly cheap. I knew I'd end up buying it with points! I know I'm doing a nail polish challenge but I also picked up Lychee by Barry M the nail polish challenge is still ok if I don't wear it until it's over right? The gelly polishes are such good quality and only £3.99. And lastly I picked up a lip liner from Rimmel in Black Tulip. This was only £2.99 and it's perfect for under vampy lipsticks. I also bought a face cream for my mum.

They were also kind enough to give me lots of freebies! I got a Ralph Lauren make up bag and roller ball perfume, lots of perfume samples, a No7 goodie bag and a bracelet from Diesel. I also got a make over at No7 but I'll probably do a separate post all about that.

These are the goodies in my No7 bag. I'm especially excited about  the mascara as it's a mini of the one I'm currently using and loving!

I also got this snakeskin gym bag. It's not really something I'll use but it was still nice of them to give me it.

Has this changed your mind about online surveys?

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