Bangour Village Hospital

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Ever since everyone's favourite Labrador, Sam, walked into our lives we've been trying to find new places to walk him. He's not very good on a lead and lately we've been enjoying driving to places where we can just let him out the boot and straight onto a trail. One place we've found that's turned out to be a right gem is Bangour Village Hospital. Which is actually an old, derelict psychiatric hospital.

The hospital opened around 1900 and is built as a 'village'. It's very strange as all the parts of the hospital are built like houses in a street and you have to walk between them. The place is enormous, we walked around for two hours whilst taking these photos and still didn't see everything there was to see. The hospital hasn't been out of use for long, ten years or so I think. Yet somehow it feels like it was abandoned a long time ago. The building especially show it, with their boarded up windows and sagging roofs. 

Walking around, the scenery was so beautiful. It seems like such a shame that all these beautiful buildings are just being left here to rot. Yet at the same there's something about the way that everything is systematically falling apart that makes it so beautiful. There are rumours it's haunted, we were there just as the sun was setting and I can imagine that it's rather spooky at night. A film was shot here a few years ago, it was called The Jacket and I think Kiera Knightley was in it.

I get the feeling that anyone waiting at this bus stop would be waiting a very long time. Yes that is grass growing on top of the bus stop.

Him? He tried.

Nice little family portrait, although numb nuts is missing. At this point I think he was chasing rabbits across an overgrown bowling green.

Now I'm not religious, an atheist if anything, but this church was so beautiful. It seems such a waste to have it boarded up.

I couldn't not include this!

Sometimes you forget that such a beautiful place was used for rather horrible things. The majority were locked wards as you can see by the bars on the windows. And by horrible things I don't mean the insane, but considering the time this hospital was built in I can imagine a lot of dodgy treatments occurred here.

And I just had to get a snap of this before leaving. Kudos to whoever is responsible.

He looks rather happy with this trip, don't you think?

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