Book Reviews: Starter For Ten and One Day by David Nicholls

Saturday, 8 June 2013
David Nicholls has became a rather popular author, especially well known for writing One Day after it was made into a film starring Anne Hathaway. I wanted to see the film but I hate watching a film without seeing the movie first so I said to myself I'd read the book. I wasn't desperate to read the book so I kept on forgetting to ask someone if I could borrow it or search for it in the library. But my friends, Maria and Melissa, bought me One Day and Starter For Ten for my birthday so I finally got round to reading them. I really liked both of these books.

Out of the two, Starter For Ten is the least well known. It's about a boy called Brian as he moves out to go to university. He doesn't have a clue, and this makes the book hilarious. He's running around trying to get through university and chasing after a girl called Alice. To Brian, she is the most gorgeous girl to have walked the planet. To me as a reader? She's a complete bitch. I love it when a writer can create a character so realistic they can anger me. Brian and Alice both end up competing for their university's University Challenge team, and as you can imagine, things go a bit tits up. The antics that Brian gets up to in this novel actually made me laugh out loud, it's astonishing how clueless he is at some points. I can't quite decide if I liked this as much as I liked One Day, but it was certainly an entertaining, easy read.

One Day follows two people, Dexter and Emma, on one day(funny huh?) for the years after they first meet. This book is definitely a romance novel, and I'm not a romance novel fan. But what I liked about this is that it wasn't a perfect love story. Things happened that moved them further apart just as often as things happened that brought them together. Emma is a character that I could identify with a lot, she seems very passionate about things. Dexter on the other hand is a bit of a player, yet he has a natural charm that makes it impossible to dislike him as a character. I loved this book. I wish I got to hear more about their lives that just the one day every year. The ending of this was absolutely awful though, no spoilers but why?!

Overall, I liked these books a lot more than I was expecting to. I have a crazily long to read list but I will definitely be reading David Nicholl's other book, The Understudy. Have you read either of these? If so please let me know what you thought about them.

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