Pet Peeves

Monday, 10 June 2013
Now I don't know about you, but I have quite a few pet peeves. I know it's bad to let myself get so wound up over such little things, but oh my god some things are just too irritating to let go. I like hearing about other people's pet peeves so I thought I'd share a few of my own with you.

1. People that leave doors open when they were originally closed. People do this all the time at the shop I work in. They just walk in and leave the door wide open. Fair enough in the summer but I've seen people doing it when it's snowing, what are you doing?! My mum does this with my bedroom door and she always seems to leave the door open enough to let in enough light making it hard to get back to sleep. Nice one, Gillian, I see the plan.

2. People that are really loud in public. If we aren't sitting at the same table in a restaurant, then I don't want to hear your conversation. Fair enough you're out to enjoy yourself, but be considerate to other people. I especially hate seeing other teenagers act like clowns and shriek buildings down, it's embarrassing. That's how teenagers get a bad reputation. Turn it down a decibel would you?

3. People that think it's ok to make jokes about races, religions, sexualities or diabilities and then go 'it's only a laugh' when questioned on it. I remember seeing a Facebook group called 'Getting your ankles out for the lads because you're a slutty muslim.' A) That's highly offensive to the muslim faith. B) There are parts of the world where that actually results in women being beaten. I for one think that's sickening, not funny. Understand the meanings behind your words.

4. People that leave pee or pubic hairs on toilet seats. What are you doing with your life?

5. People that try to prove teachers wrong, but never do. There are a few people in my classes that seem to constantly try to pick out faults in a teacher's work. This happens primarily in calculation based subjects like maths and physics. But these people are never right and the teacher is never wrong. Stop it. You're just wasting time!  

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