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Friday, 7 June 2013
Some of the most popular blog posts on my blog are my Things That Make Me Happy posts which I do every Thursday. These started off as a selection of photos from a range of websites but now I only use Pinterest because I find it's the easiest to use and sourcing things is a lot easier because I can just link the pin and people can follow it from there. The main thing that I like about writing these posts is the reception I get from readers, I often get comments saying things like 'I really like these posts' or 'these posts always make me feel hungry' and I love reading those!

I was recently contacted by the people over at Pinterest if I'd be interested in blogging about their Pin It Forward campaign, which is basically the official launch of Pinterest in the UK, and of course I decided to say yes! I would love to see more of my blogging chums(did I really just say that?!) on Pinterest. I need lots of people to follow so that I can find lots of inspiration for my Things That Make Me Happy posts! If you don't know what Pinterest is then listen closely, or read closely shall I say but you know, it's a website that allows you to make an online notice board. Say you're looking around on Tumblr or a blog and you see an outfit, recipe, DIY, cute baby elephant photo and you think "I wish I could put that somewhere so I could go back and see it later". Well now you can. You can also download apps for Pinterest to most phones and tablets, I actually enjoy using Pinterest on my Kindle Fire HD more than I do on my laptop.

My favourite board is my food board, go figure! I'm making a summer resolution to do make at least one recipe a week from my board. So expect some foodie posts soon! I'm also going to share a few of my my favourite pieces of food porn with you.

If all that mouth-watering-goodness has not convinced you to join Pinterest then I don't know what will. If you would like to join then follow this link and you can. It's set up so you'll be automatically following my food board when you sign up, what a bonus ;)! If you have an account please follow me heree and leave your link below and I'll follow you back! If there are any pinners that you love then link them to me as well, happy pinning!

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