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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Platypus Necklace - £6
 See that little illustration in the side bar of me where I look about 10x more attractive than I do in real life? That was drawn by the lovely Robyn for me a few months a go. I really really really like it, and a lot of you do too because I've been getting so many compliments on it. When I saw on Instagram that Robyn was moving on to making jewellery with her illustrations on shrink plastic, I knew I'd be right in there when they went up for sale. I literally was the first customer. At the moment Robyn is selling a selection of necklaces, stickers and cards with a wide range of animals to choose from and scrabble jewellery. I sat for ages trying to decide what animal I wanted before I just eenie meenie minie mo'ed it and ended up with a little platypus, how cute is this little fellow? All of the animals are so cute I honestly would buy them all if I could(I'd also be really happy if you made an octopus Robyn, hint hint). To say thank you for me being the first customer she also sent me a free pair of scrabble earrings. It's things like that that are just lovely touches. I feel so grateful.

On to the actual jewellery itself. Both the earrings and the necklace are really well made. The cutting around the platypus is really well executed, no rough edges and you can tell how much time went into the illustration. Another major plus for me is that it has a proper clasp rather than those stupid little circle things that make it impossible to put a necklace on yourself, thank god for that! The earrings are obviously not real scrabble pieces otherwise they'd be too big, but they look really realistic and feel pretty sturdy. Safe to say I'm really impressed with Robyn's jewellery making skills. A lot better than crappy, factory produced things! Had so many compliments on the jewellery pieces so far, all my friends think they're super cute. Delivery was £1.50 which is pretty good and Robyn dispatched my parcel on Friday and it came on Saturday, score! I really recommend that you visit her Etsy store here and make yourself a cheeky little purchase.

Scrabble Earrings - £3

Also look at this lovely little note she sent me, what a cutie.

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