Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Glasgow Haul

Hello everyone. I went shopping on Thursday in Glasgow with Louise and Charlotte so I thought I'd do a little haul post. I did spend quite a bit of money but please bear in mind that I had saved up for this shopping trip. I was really excited to visit Forever 21 and I was not let down. The shop is huuuge and all the clothes are so nice and reasonably priced.

From Boots I bought the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Microexfoliant(£11) as I was really intrigued by the idea of an exfoliating toner. I also bought the Sinful Colours nail varnish in Hazard(£1.99) which is a lovely orange-coral. I paid for both of  these using Boots points.

A bit of an impulse buy. Mac lipstick in Brick Oh La from House of Fraser. I can't believe Mac lipsticks are now £15, it's getting ridiculous. I think I'm going to buy some ones I've wanted for a while and then just refuse to pay more for them. Plus I want to go cruelty free and Mac definitely aren't so it has to be a short lived love affair.

I only bought one piece of Forever 21 jewellery and it was this necklace. It was  £3.15 which is very reasonably priced and I love it.

And then I got this dress from Forever 21 that cost £22.75. I liked it but I was a bit unsure of it and then Louise and Charlotte totally talked me into getting it and I'm so glad they did.

I also got this cardigan which was £18.75. I loved the bows on the pockets even if it does make me look a lot bigger than I actually am. I also bought a vest top from F21 for £2 but I didn't think that needed showing.

And finally I popped my Zara cherry with this lovely crocheted top. It was £12.99 in the sale and I love it.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July Wishlist

July Wishlist

Yoga Pants : Forever 21/ Dress : Topsop/ Heels : Forever 21/ Backpack : ASOS

1. When I was in Glasgow I tried on a pair of the yoga pants from Forever 21 but I put them back as I didn't want to spend any more money. I really regret putting them back and now I want to go back and get them! I think I'm going to another blogging event in Glasgow on Thursday so I'll probably go back and get them.

2. I really love daisies and they're one of my favourite flowers. Which is what drew me to this dress from Topshop. It also has an open back which I really like. I don't own many things with daisies or open backs so this would be killing two birds with one stone.

3. Charlotte bought these heels when we were in Forever 21 and I really liked them. I can't justify buying them though as I never really wear heels and I'm not very good at walking in them either.

4. I have a really bad back. A slight curve and an even slighter hunchback(although I'm the only person that apparently notices the later). I've been looking for a back pack as they're supposed to be a lot better for your back compared to one shoulder bags. Ideally I'd like a plain black one but I can't find one anywhere that isn't really expensive. I do really like this Asos one however and it's quite cheap.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Money Supermarket's Budget Bucket List

Money Supermarket are back again with another great opportunity for bloggers. It's the Budget Bucket List competition. All you need to do is write a post about two things from your bucket list, one low budget and one high budget, and what it would mean for you to do it. One lucky winner will win £1000 to put towards their goal and four winners will get £50. Also if 50 people enter they'll double the first prize to £2000, oh my. The competition ends on the 2nd of August but if you want to find out more then please click here. I was tagged by Natalie and Hayley.

My low budget bucket list would be to see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. It only takes about half an hour to drive to Edinburgh Zoo but for some reason I still haven't been to see the pandas even though they've been here for over a year and a half. I think this is actually a great opportunity as there are only 41 giant pandas in zoos outside of China and they are the only ones in the UK. I really want to visit them because I think it would be beautiful to see such an amazing yet so endangered species. There is nothing stopping me going at the moment but it would be nice to have some money to put towards the tickets, transport and picnic.

Now for my more extravagant option. You may or may not have seen that me and a few other bloggers started a collab YouTube channel called Paperbacks And Beauty Facts. We have a Facebook page that we use to talk to each other and plan the videos. I really love speaking to everyone on there. We're always joking that we should meet up or go on holiday together and well, why not? If I won I'd fly us all to London, first class. We'd rent out a massive suite at a fancy hotel for the weekend and we'd just spend the weekend blogging and shopping. There's something so great about meeting other bloggers. You feel like you know them so well even though you've never actually met them before. I've gotten really close with the girls so it would be great if we all got to meet up. At the moment money is preventing us from doing this, so if I won it would allow us to do this.

And finally we have to tag three bloggers we would like to enter. I tag:

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sloans Street Food Launch

Hello everyone. On Thursday I spent the day in Glasgow shopping with Louise and Charlotte. I had a really great day and spent almost a week's wages in Forever 21(oops). After our little shopping expedition we met up with Morag and headed to Sloans, a bar and restaurant a short walk from Central Station, for their Street Food Launch event. I was really excited as I've never been to a food event before and I certainly wasn't let down.

We were greeted at the door and given a menu, then escorted to a booth that we shared with some other lovely bloggers. They brought out a selection of dishes from the menu for us to try. I'll admit that as a bit of a fussy eater I was a bit worried when I saw the menu but everything was really lovely. On the menu are:

Street Fries
The Cowboy- BBQ chicken wings and ribs with a blue cheese dressing and hot sauce served over fries.
The Gringo- Beef chilli, cheese and jalapeƱos served over fries.
The Mac Daddy- Extra cheesy macaroni with crispy bacon or onion rings and salsa.
Street Platters
The Soprano- Cured salami, cheese, olives, grilled peppers and bread.
The Stavros- Hummus, falafel, roast veg, olives and flatbread with feta cheese or sausage.

 The dishes are £9.95 each and designed to be shared between two people so I'd say that's a really good price. I'd say the platters would be better for having a little nibble with your drink and the fries are more for the hungry eating when you've already drank a little bit more than you should have. One of the other bloggers that we were seated with said 'wow this is the perfect drunken menu' and I have to agree.

The Soprano - Admittedly the only thing here that I like is the salami and the flatbread but hey ho, it looks great on the plate! Everyone that isn't incredibly picky said everything was really nice.

The Gringo - The fries are absolutely amazing. They've got that perfect ratio of soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I don't like beef so I avoided the chilli but it did smell really good. Kudos to anyone brave about enough to eat the jalapeƱos.

 The Cowboy- I'm so annoyed that I didn't get an in focus picture of this. I'm sorry! This was the highlight of the menu for me. The chicken wings where so good. I really wasn't expecting to like the blue cheese dressing but it was lovely. And the hot sauce and chips combo? Ah-maze-ing.

All in all I really enjoyed the night at Sloan's and would really recommend going there if you're in Glasgow. They have a full dinner menu available for the restaurant which is upstairs. The street menu is available in the bar and in the beer garden. They also have a ballroom where they have ceilidhs. How cool is that? Also big thank you to the bar staff for letting me charge my phone. I left my house at about 11am so my phone had run dead. I felt so cheeky and I wouldn't ask normally but I needed to get home which takes over an hour of travelling. My only real issue with the pub was that none of the toilets had working locks. Or is that normal so drunk people can't lock themselves in? I'm not a very frequent bar visitor.

I swear I was smiling, I just have a case of chronic bitch face.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Perfume Collection

Hello everyone! I've always wanted to do a perfume collection post but I've always had a lot of difficulty photographing the bottles. Now that I have DSLR, I finally feel that the photos are good enough to do the post. Unfortunately lately I've used up a few perfumes so I can't show you them but I'm pretty happy with my collection at the moment.

To start of with some really tacky packaging, we have NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker. Don't judge a perfume by the bottle because this perfume is gorgeous. This is a very fruity perfume. I think it's definitely a 'younger' perfume but it's great for those days where you want a boost of confidence. It's not too expensive either so is great for just wearing to school or work.

The only solid perfume that I have is Karma by Lush. This is one of my top three perfumes of all time. If you haven't smelt the karma range then you need to get your butt down to Lush as soon as you can. It's a very fruity scent that I find very refreshing. It's quite heavily based on citrus scents(I think). This is great because it's very long lasting. I definitely want to get more solid perfumes, I actually prefer them to liquid perfumes.

My go to perfume for summer days is Stella Sheer by Stella McCartney. This is a very, very floral perfume. It literally just smells like a garden, in a good way! It's very light and is perfect for summer.

The latest addition to my collection is Fame by Lady Gaga. I wrote a post about this perfume and the matching shower gel. But in short it's a very musky, sexy perfume and I love it. It's also black which is really cool.

My most luxurious perfume is Lola by Marc Jacobs. I very rarely use this as I reserve it for special occasions. This holds a lot of good memories for me because of this. I wear it for parties and birthdays etc.  It's a floral perfume but it's very 'grown up' and quite mature at the same time.

And my least favourite, Delicious Night by DKNY. I got this when I was 11, what was I thinking. It smells quite nice in the bottle but on my skin it's really horrible. I think I might actually just chuck this out. I've been trying to use it up but I've had it for ages and I've only gotten half way through. 

What are your favourite perfumes?

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Friday, 26 July 2013

First Impressions - Crafty Creatives Box 13 #ccbox13

Hello everyone! This month's Crafty Creatives post is a bit late, sorry. I was kind of debating whether I was going to do this post or not because if I'm honest I'm a bit dissappointed with this box. It was their one year anniversary and I think my expectations must have been a bit too high. I'm not devastated and I'm not rushing to go cancel my subscription, but I do definitely think that this box was a waste of my money.

Because it was their first birthday they decided to go back to their first theme, floral. Which is a really good idea because I loved the first floral box and I wish I could have had that one.

They asked us all to send them a photo of us with one of the boxes and look what they done for the art card! This is really cool. Also who is that girl in the bottom left hand corner? She looks really cool.

The main thing I dislike about the box is that instead of having one kit, they gave us five. Which is a pretty good idea in theory but they're all for flowers. I feel that the other boxes left you with a lot more options as to what you could make. I know that I could make other things with the things in the kit but there are a lot of things like the floral tape and the stamens that I would have no idea where to begin with. I've seen a few others say that they disliked this box so I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I've also seen other people say that they loved the box, it's all down to personal taste I guess.

This is everything that was included in the kits. Everything is really nice, I just wish there was a bit more variety within the box.

And below is everything that was included but isn't a part of a kit. I really love the pendant and the little cards are really cute as well.

And there was also a balloon, which I thought was really cute!

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Things That Make Me Happy #41

1. These doughnuts kick Krispy Kreme's ass.


2. Not normally a glitter fan(shoot me) but this looks lovely.


3. I just love me some kitchens. I really hate my own kitchen because the lighting is so bad, but this looks so airy.


4. Piano bridge in China, so beautiful.


5. I love this dress, I'd love to get something like this for prom.


6. Inspirational quote of the week.


7. Love camels.


8. I saw this beach photo on Laura's blog and thought it looked so lovely.


9. This doesn't even need words.


10.  I have a thing for straps.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

OOTD: Slush Puppy

Hello everyone! You may have seen my OOTD from the start of the month, featuring my Great Catsby tshirt. After I published this post, Truffle Shuffle got in contact with me and asked if I would like to feature any more of their items. YES PLEASE?! I really love all of the stuff that they have on Truffle Shuffle, every thing is so quirky and cute, in the end I just sent a few links of things I liked to the PR man(Hi Iain) and asked him to surprise me. Damn Iain, you got style. I used to love slushies! I remember they used to sell them at the swimming pool and they were always the post swim refreshment. -inhales- Ah nostalgia.

This has taken a pride place in my wardrobe along with my Great Catsby shirt. Whilst I love my little dresses and brogues, they aren't always practical. There are some days that just scream 'JEANS AND TSHIRT'. I went 'back to school' shopping with my mum and sister and this is what I wore. This was my last back to school shop, something that I am both very happy and sad about. The tshirt is an xs and fits perfectly. I never would have thought that I would have been extra small, I normally order a medium, so definitely check the sizing guide if you're going to order from Truffle Shuffle.

I paired the shirt with my Topshop Joni Jeans. Which are possibly my favourite pair of jeans ever. They're very high waisted and very stretchy. They almost feel like a pair of jeggings so are great for lounging around. Topshop jeans are very expensive but defintely worth it because of a) the quality and b) they're sold by measurements and not sizes. I'm a tall girl so I appreciate being able to choose the leg length. And then the Converse. Always a safe move. I would have preferred to wear my red ones but at the moment they are filthy after one too many dog walks.

After every order from Truffle Shuffle you get a refer a friend code so that they can get 10% off, my code is ref-690-392616 if you want to use it. You can find the Slush Puppy shirt here. I think the amount of people than can use it is limited so be quick if you want the discount! As you may have been able to tell from the photos here, I've gotten a new camera. it's a Nikon D3100 DSLR and I love it. I think the photos are so much nicer and I can't wait for lots of new posts with lovely clear photos. Also, would you be interested in seeing a bookshelf tour? I think it looks pretty awesome in the background of these photos.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Yankee Candle Haul

 Ok, so I went into Clinton's with the intentions to smell the new Autumn scents. Then I didn't really like them. Then I noticed that they had a three for two offer on the summer scents. Which I did like. And then I left the store having spent just under £20 on candles. Candles. Hayley, where is your will power? And then I had to carry them for the 30 minute walk home from the shopping centre. Great decision Hayley. To be fair ie allow me to try and justify the money  even if you buy cheaper candles, they don't smell as great or as strong as Yankee candles. The three of these cost me £19.90. But they'll last me months.

I got three of the regular tumbler jars which I think are really good. I think they burn a lot cleaner than the glass jars and aren't as heavy.

The first one I picked up was Waikiki Melon which is a gorgeous, sweet scent. It obviously smells of melons but it's really fruity and tropical. This reminds me a lot of my favourite scent, Mango Peach Salsa. But this is a lot more fruity whilst Mango Peach Salsa is a bit spicy. Waikiki Melon also actually reminds me of the fruit salad Chewits.

 The next one I really wanted was Summer Scoop. This is a very creamy scent, if you don't like the 'cake' scents then you might not like this that much. It's supposed to smell like a fruity ice cream, almost like raspberry riple. The first time I smelt this I wasn't too keen on it but it's definitely grown on me.

And finally Pink Dragon Fruit. This is my least favourite out of the three but it is still really nice. It pretty much smells exactly like dragon fruit which is a really hard scent to describe. It's not very strong so I picked this up for when I fancy burning a candle but don't want a really overpowering scent.

What are your favourite Yankee Candle Scents?

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week In Photos #47

Great CATsby / 700 followers / Strawberries / Floral nails
Nandooos / Kicked out my own bed / Cabinet of curiosities / Ikea and Boots haul
Big night in / Ice cream / Demelle / Bf went to America!
New bookshelf / Betty the pangasius / Wagamama's squid / Sam

Oh god, it's been far too long since I've done one of these posts. Look at how many photos I've got. This is definitely more than one week in photos. I'm struggling to motivate myself to write these posts recently, they always get a pretty poor reception and I never really know what to say.

My summer holidays have started and I've been enjoying spending days doing absolutely nothing. Over the last academic year I worked pretty much every Saturday and Sunday(except my birthday and exam season) so I really just needed a break. Speaking of jobs, I applied for a job at Lush. I'm so nervous about hearing back from them. I've also been taking part in the #booktubeathon this week. Since Monday I have read 6 books! I've really been enjoying reading so much but it has defintely had an effect on my blogging. I'm feeling a loss in my mojo. I have ordered a new camera it's a dslr oh my god which will hopefully bring a new lease of life to my blog.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review: Dainty Doll Blusher in Money Talks

Hello everyone. I mentioned the Dainty Doll Blusher in the shade Money Talks in both my Fragrance Direct Haul and my June Favourites and I got a lot of requests for reviews/swatches. I took these photos ages ago and they've just been sitting in my 'to blog' folder. I apologise for the delay but I am now really in the mood to blog about this so lets get started!

The Dainty Doll range was started by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud and is specifically designed for girls with really pale skin. I think this is really great as I have very pale skin and I find it hard to get products that will actually work for me. I'm not sure if the brand is liquidising or if they're selling old stock to make room for new products but Dainty Doll products are available on Fragrance Direct for very cheap prices. I think everyone and their mother snapped up one of these blushes. And I can understand why, at £1.99 down from about £13 it would be rude to say no.

I was drawn towards Money Talks, a shimmery browny mauve, as I'd heard a lot of other bloggers say that it was a great contour for pale skin. Bronzer is kind of scary when you have really pale skin, the last thing that you want to do is end up looking muddy and cheap. But I'm pleasantly surprised with this.  It's a beautiful shade that works really well as not only a contour but also as a blush. When swept across the cheeks it gives such a lovely bronze glow. Something I'm really not used to seeing on my pale skin. The pigmentation isn't exactly crazy with the blusher, but I think that's really the point of it actually. It is very easy to build up, so if your skin tone is a bit darker I'm sure you'd be able to get some use out of it. The blush lasts very well on the skin, you can tell that it's from more of a 'high end' brand. The packaging is very sturdy and sleek looking which I really love. Overall I'm super impressed with Dainty Doll as a brand and this blusher. The blushers are no longer available on the Fragrance Direct website, but I want to try out some of their other products.

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