Review: The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Shower Gel & Body Scrub

Saturday, 6 July 2013

I received these two products as Christmas presents but decided I'd rather wait until summer to use them as the scent is very sweet  and summery. I'm a big fan of  The Body Shop's  body butters but I've never tried any of the scrubs so I was excited to try this. The scrub isn't as 'scrubby' as the scrubs I normally use and instead consists mainly of a lotion containing scrub particles. This makes it less exfoliating but  it also means it's very moisturising. Unlike unlike with most of my body scrubs I don't feel the need to use a body butter after using this. I've really been enjoying this but I'm not sure I like it as much as I like Soap & Glory scrubs. This is a nice product but they cost £12.50 for 200ml which is a lot of money. I'm definitely a fan of The Body Shop's body scrubs but I won't be picking another one up unless I see it in the sale. I can't say that I was as impressed by the shower gel. Quality wise it's fine, it lathers up well and leaves me feeling clean enough. But the scent just doesn't last. As soon as you squeeze it out of the bottle, the scent disappears which is really  annoying. The vineyard peach scent is well, peachy. I really like it but it smells a little bit artificial because it's so sweet. I'm getting used to it though and starting to really like it. Unfortunately it's now discontinued but I've heard there are a few floating around in the sales so if you want to buy these it's worth having a look in the shop. Both the scrub and the shower gel are available in a range of scents if something else tickles your fancy a bit more.

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