Sloans Street Food Launch

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hello everyone. On Thursday I spent the day in Glasgow shopping with Louise and Charlotte. I had a really great day and spent almost a week's wages in Forever 21(oops). After our little shopping expedition we met up with Morag and headed to Sloans, a bar and restaurant a short walk from Central Station, for their Street Food Launch event. I was really excited as I've never been to a food event before and I certainly wasn't let down.

We were greeted at the door and given a menu, then escorted to a booth that we shared with some other lovely bloggers. They brought out a selection of dishes from the menu for us to try. I'll admit that as a bit of a fussy eater I was a bit worried when I saw the menu but everything was really lovely. On the menu are:

Street Fries
The Cowboy- BBQ chicken wings and ribs with a blue cheese dressing and hot sauce served over fries.
The Gringo- Beef chilli, cheese and jalapeños served over fries.
The Mac Daddy- Extra cheesy macaroni with crispy bacon or onion rings and salsa.
Street Platters
The Soprano- Cured salami, cheese, olives, grilled peppers and bread.
The Stavros- Hummus, falafel, roast veg, olives and flatbread with feta cheese or sausage.

 The dishes are £9.95 each and designed to be shared between two people so I'd say that's a really good price. I'd say the platters would be better for having a little nibble with your drink and the fries are more for the hungry eating when you've already drank a little bit more than you should have. One of the other bloggers that we were seated with said 'wow this is the perfect drunken menu' and I have to agree.

The Soprano - Admittedly the only thing here that I like is the salami and the flatbread but hey ho, it looks great on the plate! Everyone that isn't incredibly picky said everything was really nice.

The Gringo - The fries are absolutely amazing. They've got that perfect ratio of soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I don't like beef so I avoided the chilli but it did smell really good. Kudos to anyone brave about enough to eat the jalapeños.

 The Cowboy- I'm so annoyed that I didn't get an in focus picture of this. I'm sorry! This was the highlight of the menu for me. The chicken wings where so good. I really wasn't expecting to like the blue cheese dressing but it was lovely. And the hot sauce and chips combo? Ah-maze-ing.

All in all I really enjoyed the night at Sloan's and would really recommend going there if you're in Glasgow. They have a full dinner menu available for the restaurant which is upstairs. The street menu is available in the bar and in the beer garden. They also have a ballroom where they have ceilidhs. How cool is that? Also big thank you to the bar staff for letting me charge my phone. I left my house at about 11am so my phone had run dead. I felt so cheeky and I wouldn't ask normally but I needed to get home which takes over an hour of travelling. My only real issue with the pub was that none of the toilets had working locks. Or is that normal so drunk people can't lock themselves in? I'm not a very frequent bar visitor.

I swear I was smiling, I just have a case of chronic bitch face.

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