Week In Photos #47

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Great CATsby / 700 followers / Strawberries / Floral nails
Nandooos / Kicked out my own bed / Cabinet of curiosities / Ikea and Boots haul
Big night in / Ice cream / Demelle / Bf went to America!
New bookshelf / Betty the pangasius / Wagamama's squid / Sam

Oh god, it's been far too long since I've done one of these posts. Look at how many photos I've got. This is definitely more than one week in photos. I'm struggling to motivate myself to write these posts recently, they always get a pretty poor reception and I never really know what to say.

My summer holidays have started and I've been enjoying spending days doing absolutely nothing. Over the last academic year I worked pretty much every Saturday and Sunday(except my birthday and exam season) so I really just needed a break. Speaking of jobs, I applied for a job at Lush. I'm so nervous about hearing back from them. I've also been taking part in the #booktubeathon this week. Since Monday I have read 6 books! I've really been enjoying reading so much but it has defintely had an effect on my blogging. I'm feeling a loss in my mojo. I have ordered a new camera it's a dslr oh my god which will hopefully bring a new lease of life to my blog.

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