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Saturday, 3 August 2013
Hello everyone. I really liked the way my bookshelf looked as a background in the photos of this ootd. When I asked if you would like to see a tour a lot of you said yes, I've wanted to do this post for a while so I was glad that lots of you wanted to see it.

I have two of the Billy bookshelves from IKEA, they were £20 each which was an extreme bargain. I like having two of the smaller cases instead of one larger one as I can reach everything and the top of it is pretty good storage.

On the first two shelves I have the start of my paperback collection. I stack them this way as it allows me to fit more books in. They're all organised alphabetically by authors last name ie how they do it in libraries/shops. I also keep my capo and guitar plectrums in the corner. I just think it's a lot easier to keep them all in the same place so I don't loose them.

Then on the bottom shelf of the left hand side bookcase I keep the rest of my paper back collection and my hard backs/American copies. I keep the hard backs and American copes separate as they're not the same size as paperbacks and they'd mess up the stacking.

And then on the top two shelves on the right hand side I keep DVDs, CDs and books that I've not read yet.

And then finally on the bottom shelves I had school folders, textbooks, Crafty Creatives boxes, my kindle and notebooks/recipe books.

On top of my bookshelf I keep lots of trinkets. This is just a close up of my notice board. I have a few photos, my most worn necklaces and a few business cards from my bloggy friends.

Then just a selection of souvenirs and trinkets. Frame and lights from Cabinet Of Curiosities. 

And then a really sweet card, my lunch box, a photo of me and a few friends and a signed Jill Jackson CD.

Then my jewellery box, my chocolate frog(THANKS STU!) and a photo of me and Stuart before we went to a Christmas party.

I hope you liked my bookshelf tour. Do you organise your books or do you just put them on the shelf however?

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