Review: Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Friday, 9 August 2013
Hello everyone. If you're a regular reader of Water Painted Dreams then you'll know that I'm a massive Lush fan(I actually have a trial shift there today so fingers crossed). Today I'm going to be reviewing one of the latest products I've tried. The Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask. I've always avoided this face mask because I knew that it had garlic in it and I had expected it to smell absolutely horrible. But it's designed for oily and spot prone skin and my skin has been really playing up recently, so desperate times call for desperate measures.

In actual fact, this face mask doesn't even remotely smell like garlic. It actually smells like tea tree, which I for one really like. It does contain garlic and eggs but these are both actually really good for the skin so you just have to suck it up. There are little chunks of garlic throughout which I thought was a bit useless but it's not really a massive problem. Like all Lush face masks it needs to be kept in the fridge. This keeps the natural ingredients from going off quickly but it also means that the mask feels really soothing when applied. I really enjoyed using this mask, I found that it visibly reduced spots and blemishes. I don't really have 'spot/acne prone skin' so the results weren't phenominal but I did notice a difference when I did have spots. I would really recommend this mask if you have a lot of spots or suffer from acne. But if you have oily skin yet rarely get blemishes then I would recommend that you go with the Cupcake face mask as I found that one to take care of excess oil more than Cosmetic Warrior did.

Lush masks are £5.95 which some people think is really expensive. But I think it's actually really good value for money. I get at least 8 applications out of each tub and when you compare that to the price of sachet face masks then it's a lot better. Also if you return 5 empty black pots to Lush they give you a face mask for free! They do have quite a short shelf life so I use Lush masks once every two days when my skin is acting up a bit as a high intensity treatment. 

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