Share The Love #1

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I used to mention a few blogs I really liked at the end of my monthly favourites posts but I've been lacking the mojo to write those posts for the past few months. I've  decided I'm going to start a new series on my blog where at least once a month I give a little shout out to some of my favourite bloggers. For the moment I'm going to start with 3 per post but I might increase the number over time, I got a whole lotta lovin'.

First up is Of Corgis & Cocktails. This lifestyle blog is written by the lovely Katherine. It includes many outfit and travel posts as well as other exciting things like recipes. Nothing wins me over like cake. And as you can tell from the blog title, there are often lots of doggy photos. I would quite happily steal Katherine's dogs if it wasn't for that big old Atlantic ocean in the middle. I guess they're safe for now. But please head over to her blog and show it some lovin'.

A new favourite of mine is Rush & Teal. I would say that Allie writes a good mixture of posts but mainly fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Her photography is really nice and you can tell that she puts a lot of effort into her posts. She also makes YouTube videos so has something to suit for everyone's personal taste. I think it's that sort of versatility in a blog that will make you go far. So please drop by Allie's blog and say hi!

And last but not least is The Weekender Trender. This blog is written by the lovely Georgina, a fellow teen blogger. As you can probably tell from the blog title, it's a fashion orientated blog. Georigna has absolutely amazing fashion sense, I struggle to believe that she's the same age as I am! She also always manages to find the most lovely locations for outfit photos, a real gem. I've also been loving the photo a day series she's been running recently, it's lovely to get to know a bit more about the person behind a blog. So please go and have a little look at Georgina's blog, I'm sure you'll find something you like.

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