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Saturday, 17 August 2013
Hello everyone. I was kindly sent a craft box from a new Edinburgh based company: The Craft Box Company. Just as it says on the tin, they sell craft boxes. Each contains everything to make something crafty. At the moment they have boxes for pearl earrings, a button bracelet and a needle case. Soon to come are boxes containing kits for a tassel garland and a bird nest necklace and both look very exciting. I've been a subscriber to Crafty Creatives for a while but recently cancelled my subscription because I'm a bit skint after buying my new camera, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the two.

The box contains everything you need and a nice little instruction leaflet. I love the layout and design of the box, the logo is very cute and I love the font they use. The only thing that I can pick out is that the instructions are a bit basic. I think that if you're new to crafting then you might get a bit confused. For example they use the term 'running stitch' which is just a standard stitch. Which I know because I'm a crafty person but maybe a little explanation would have been nice for those that aren't as experienced. I have noticed that they've added an 'Instructions and Videos' segment to their website but it's yet to be updated. I really liked the materials included and I was very excited to get started.

I think the needle case was very easy to make, probably the easiest out of all the kits. Therefore I think it would make a great kit as a present or something to get you started with crafting. It was quite enjoyable to use especially as you had everything to hand. When using the Crafty Creatives boxes I often think 'I could make ..... with this' but then I don't have the things I need to make it. I also think a needle case is a very handy thing to have. If you've ever lost a needle you'll understand the panic that comes along side it.

Now down to the nitty gritty: value for money. If I'm honest I don't think that this box is very good value for money. Yes if I was in a shop and saw a cute little needle case I'd probably pay £5 for it. But with this kit, I already have everything that I'd need to make one. I think the other kits are a lot better value because they contain things like pliers which are a bit more expensive. I just feel like I would be able to make this for nothing. I guess it would be pretty good to those who have never crafted before but if you already have sewing supplies then this isn't the best box for you. I don't want to bang on about Crafty Creatives but I do think they are a bit better value for money. But one thing that I like about The Craft Box Compaany is that it isn't a monthly subscription. I feel like all boxes at the moment seem to be monthly subscriptions!

In the end I really enjoying making the needle case and I'll put it to good use. It took me about half an hour and was very easy. Yes there were a few things that bugged me but they're a new company and I'm sure once they get properly going they'll do just fine.

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