Week In Photos #48

Sunday, 25 August 2013
Alaskan Malamute puppy / Massive Strawberry / My Sammy boy

Hello everyone. I feel like week in photos posts have been taking the back seat lately. The battery in my phone has gone a bit off now and is only holding charge for about 3 hours and even just turning 3G on drains it completely. Which means that I've not been taking a lot of photos when I've been out and about. I would try and get it replaced but my contract runs out at the end of September and then I'll probably get an upgrade. I quite fancy an iPhone. If you have an iPhone do you think an 8GB one is enough or would you recommend a 16GB? I won't be putting any music or movies on it and I'm not a crazy app person. I don't want to get the smaller one and regret it but the 16GB is considerably more.

Not much has been really going on lately because I've been back at school. I didn't get the job at Lush either. They said they didn't want me to quit my job which is a permanent position as this was only a job that lasted up until the end of the Christmas season. I'm not really that gutted because I don't feel like it wasn't because I wasn't good enough or anything. Plus my friend Rachel got one of the places so woo go Rachel.

As for school I'm still doing 3 advanced highers: maths, chemistry and physics. Since returning to school I've found out that all of my As were band 1s which has made me happy. I still can't believe I'm starting my last year of high school! Where did it all go? This week I've been showing the new first years around the school, it makes me feel so old.

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