Zizzi Ristorante @ Glasgow Royal Exchange Square

Friday, 2 August 2013
Hello everyone. I went to Glasgow last week and whilst I was there I went to the Zizzi Ristorante at the Royal Exchange Square. The restaurant is a quick walk from both Glasgow Central Station and Glasgow Queen Street Station. The building it's in is very beautiful and historical. I think this is definitely one of the most beautiful restaurants I've ever been in. The photos do not do it justice. Even if you don't like Italian food I recommend you go just to look at it. They have the perfect balance of modern and old in their decor, it's great.

Before we went we looked at the menu online just to check they had food we'd like. They didn't have prices online which I found really off-putting as I thought everything would be really expensive. It wasn't! My main course and drink came to under £10. Louise and Charlotte took advantage of a set menus and got a starter and a main course for just under £11 and then paid under £15 including drinks. We all agreed it was very reasonably priced.

The great thing about eating with other bloggers is that they're completely ok with you taking photos of their food. We might have gotten a few odd looks off other customers but I tried not to look to check. For a starter Charlotte had this dish, it was off a set menu and I can't find the same of it on the website. Basically it was mozzarella, tomato's and dough sticks. This looked so lovely and Charlotte said that it tasted great.

Louise opted for the Pizzetta Formaggio Di Carpa which is peppers, goat's cheese and basil on top of pizza bread. I also thought this looked delicious and I'm not a massive fan of peppers. Louise really enjoyed it.

I got a bit distracted whilst reading the menu aka too busy talking about blogging with Louise and Charlotte. Basically I tried to order a margherita pizza as a calzone. I was trying to not eat a lot as we were going to a food event a little while after. They made the pizza as a calzone for me! How nice was that? Also I didn't tell them about being a blogger so that wasn't any special treatment. I just think calzones seem so much more interesting than a plain pizza. It was really delicious. It had the correct ratio of filling to dough. Just typing this makes me so hungry. All the pizzas are cooked in a traditional fire oven which you can actually see from the restaurant. You can tell that this was really well made.

Louise had Spaghetti Pomodoro E Bufala which is a spaghetti with tomatoes and basil. I'm not normally a fan of spaghetti because I don't like mince and it's normally served as bolognese but this looked great. I think I'd try this if I went back(which I definitely will be). Louise said that this was really tasty and a great potion size but it was something she felt she could have made herself(which isn't necessarily a bad thing). She also said at one point during the meal 'everything tastes so fresh' which I definitely agreed with.

And lastly for a main course Charlotte had the Classic Fiorentina which was a spinach, riserva cheese and egg pizza. Out of all of the dishes I would say that this was the most aesthetically pleasing. Charlotte said that this was really good although she didn't want to slice around the egg.

Other things of good notice about Zizzi: a) really lovely staff b) really nice music c) lovely art around the walls d) I also noticed that there was a baby changing station in the men's bathroom as well which you don't see often enough. Funny thing about the toilets though is that they are very far away from the main restaurant. You have to go down two sets of stairs and then along some corridors and I got a little lost coming back. I think this is more because of the historical nature of the building though, they wouldn't have had a lot of choice in where to put them.

Overall I really recommend dining at Zizzi. They have a lot of restaurants all over the UK so please click here to their website to see where the one closest to you is.

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