Graze Box #2

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hello everyone! You all seemed to really enjoy my first Graze Box post so I thought I'd do another one to show you what I got in my latest post. A few people used my code from my last post so I was able to get £1 off this box and donate £1 to the Graze school of farming in Africa, thank you so much if that was you! I will leave my code at the bottom of the post too! I've really enjoyed my Graze Boxes so far. I feel like I'm getting a lot more from them than I have other monthly subscription boxes for less money.

So what was in my second box?

Chocolate Orange - A mix of of chocolate orange raisins, orange infused raisins, jumbo raisins and chocolate buttons. I really loved this. They weren't kidding when they said it tastes just like a chocolate orange. There was a lot in this tub and I found it to be really filling which is just what you want from a healthy snack! It's also one of your five a day. I marked this as a 'love' on the graze menu!

Toffee Apple - Toffee sauce with dried apple slices. A lot of people had told me that this was their favourite snack from Graze so I was quite excited to find this in my box. Oh. My. God. I can totally understand why everyone likes this so much. It is amaaazing. So delicious. I honestly can't believe there are only 68 calories in a tub because it tastes like it should be very bad for you! I have also marked this as a 'love' on Graze.

Light Lemon & Poppy Slice - I'm a bit on the fence about this. It comes with a tea bag which is a really good idea but I don't drink tea so it wasn't that great for me. Plus the tea bag takes up a lot of the room so the cake is tiny. I ate it in three bites! Whilst it was really tasty, I didn't find it filling at all and felt hungry quite soon after. I've binned this because I was a bit disappointed and don't really want another one.

Very Nori-sh - Japanese seaweed rice crackers. Seaweed is either a hit or miss but I'm a pretty big fan so I really enjoyed eating these. The rice crackers are so crunchy so I find them a lot more satisfying than a bag of crisps. I liked these on the Graze website.

If you would like a free Graze box then please use my code: L35ZXP5D. It will get you a free Graze box and gets me a £1 off my next box so I would really appreciate it. You need to sign up but if you want you can just cancel after you get the box. I would really recommend trying something from Graze as they perk up my Monday's.

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