Sunday, 29 September 2013

Make Up Starter Kit

My little sister turned twelve on the 20th and she asked me to buy her some make up. Oh they grow up so fast. As a beauty blogger, this excited me a little bit and I started planning. I thought I'd show you everything I bought because it would be useful to any younger readers or just interesting to anyone. I decided to go for the one of everything approach but if you're buying make up for yourself you don't need to buy everything! Everything here can be bought from Boots or Superdrug. Boots also had a buy one get one half price offer on which was really great. If you're buying make up for yourself for the first time then I'd recommend waiting until this sort of offer is on because buying a lot of make up at once can get pretty expensive!

If you're going to be applying a powder or blusher then you're going to need a brush! So I got a Superdrug Powder Brush and then also got her the Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder and the MUA Mosaic Blush to use alongside them. I also got her the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which is an amazing product for the price of it! You could also buy a foundation if you wanted but I don't think my sister really needs one, she's very young. Whereas a concealer can just be put on problem areas and doesn't need to be applied over the whole face.

I think you can get away with cheaper eyeshadows if you have a good enough base to put them on. So I got the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Primer and then the Natural Collection Eye Duo in Mocha Latte. I also got a Cosmopolitan Eyeshadow Blending Brush. Liquid eyeliner could be a bit controversial here but my sister asked for one so I bought her the MUA Liquid Eyeliner this is my favourite eyeliner ever and it's only £1. I also bought her a Beauty UK Lash FX Mascara.

Nails and Lips
My sister really likes pink so I got her a Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry Ice Cream and a Seventeen Quicker Sticker Colour in Pink Glitter to go over the top. I also picked up a MUA Lipstick in Nectar for £1 as it would be a nice thing for her to experiment with.

And that's everything. My sister really loved everything that I've got her which made me really happy. I hope this has helped anyone that might be starting to get into make up or you just enjoyed reading this if you already are!

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