Mallzee Launch Party

Saturday, 28 September 2013
On Tuesday night I attended the launch party for Mallzee which is a new shopping app. Mallzee allows you to enter some of your favourite brands and preferences then it allows you to search through them all on the one app to find something you'd like. It's pretty cool(and free) so is worth a download! I met up with a few other bloggers for food beforehand so by the time we arrived the party had already started. We went to Bristo if you're interested. I ordered a teriyaki chicken burger and it was absolutely amazing. The alcohol was flowing, hello cocktails, and the music was in full swing.

Not long after we arrived Cally, the CEO of Mallzee, gave us a speech about how they'd come up with the app and where they want to go etc etc. It was actually a really funny and easy to listen to speech. They also showed us their new promo video for the app which I really liked. The event was hosted in one of the Edinburgh University buildings. Don't ask me which one because I'm really not good with directions in Edinburgh! However it was really nice and swanky. I actually felt quite out of place as there were so many 'fashionista' types. Never the less I was really flattered to be invited.

Ok. That's a pushable cake pop! How awesome is that? I took two. Not sure if that was allowed but I only had one cocktail so I'm sure that makes it ok. I wasn't actually hungry so I tried to take them home. Big mistake. The lids fell off in my pocket and the whole top layer of icing fell out into my pocket. I was quite gutted but my dog was very happy to be appointed the role of having to lick the pocket clean. Thank god it was my mac and cleaned up pretty easily! I had the carrot cake one pictured above and gave a lemon one to my sister. They were nice but not the best cake I've ever had.

See? Didn't I tell you it looked very swanky! They also had a tweet globe so tweets with the hashtag #mallzeefoundme were appearing on the globe. The atmosphere was really cool and I had a great time. Unfortunately I had to leave a little bit early to catch a half nine train but I would have loved to have stayed until the end of the event for a better mingle. Yesterday's blog post was an OOTD of what I wore to the event if you would like to see that then click here.

If you would like to find out more about Mallzee then check out their website. If you want to download it you can do so here on the app store. I was not paid to write about this.

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