Review: ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hello everyone. I was kindly sent a few Studio Matte Lip Colours from ELF for review purposes and they're now my new favourite lip products. I've had my eye on these for ages so I literally squealed with excitement when I found out they would be sending some my way. The matte lip colours are basically lipsticks in the form of a lip pencil, I find them a lot easier to apply than normal lipsticks as it allows you to be more precise. I wouldn't say they're 100% matte as they do have a little bit of a shine. I like this as it means they aren't as drying as a fully matte lipstick but if that's the effect you're looking for then these maybe aren't the products for you.


I really like how long lasting these lipsticks are. I can wear them for about 5 hours with eating and drinking and they still look great. With the exception of Rich Red they barely even transfer onto glasses. They apply very smoothly and feel really creamy and soft. I also really like that they twist up meaning that you don't have to sharpen them. One thing that really bugs me about the packaging though is that if you twist it down past the way it is in the photo above it breaks and won't twist back up. It's really easily fixed but I've broken mine quite a few times by accident! All in all though I think that for £4.50 you're getting a really great product. Plus if you like the ELF Facebook  you'll see they often have discount codes/free shipping so you can bag yourself a bargain.

Nearly Nude isn't really a colour I'm a big fan of. I think it looks a bit 'foundation lips' on me but that might just because I'm so pale. It might look a lot nicer on different skin tones. That being said the application was perhaps the smoothest out of all of them and it did last a long time.

Rich Red is a classic, beautiful red lip. Whilst in this swatch it looks a bit sheer, I never actually noticed that until I took a photo and zoomed in. It looks great when it's not up close. Unless people are going to be scrutinising your lipstick with a magnifying glass, I would really recommend this as an affordable red lipstick. Or if people are going to be scrutinising your lipstick with a magnifying glass, it would make a great lip liner.

For me Coral was my favourite out of the three I was sent. It's a gorgeous colour and not something I would usually go for myself. I'm so glad they sent me this as it pushed me to go out of my comfort zone a little bit and I've found a new love. I've worn this nearly every day since I got it and I've gotten so many compliments. I'm so annoyed that I discovered my love for this colour just as summer ends!

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