Review: First Ever Graze Box

Monday, 2 September 2013
Hello everyone! I think we've all heard about Graze by now. They're a company that make subscription boxes for yummy healthy snacks. Each box contains four different foods for you to try out. Now I'm a bit of a picky eater so I was always a bit dubious but you can go on and 'bin' all the foods that you don't like. Ie for me all of the nuts and olives. When I found out that you could get your first box for free I thought I might as well give it a go. You do have to sign up to a subscription but you can cancel it at any time. I was quite impressed by my box so I decided to keep my subscription of getting a box every two weeks. They're £3.85 each which is pretty expensive but they are all healthy snacks and it pushes a picky eater like myself to try more things.

So what was in my free box?

Yin & Yang - This is a little pot that consists of belgian dark chocolate, almonds, dried cherries and jumbo raisins. I'm a bit on the fence about this. I loved the chocolate and the raisins but didn't really like the almonds and the dried cherries were really weird. It was ok if I took everything in the one mouthful but in the end I was left with a lot of almonds and cherries that I didn't eat. I've binned it so they won't send me it again.

Fruit & Seed Flapjack - This was really nice! I was expecting it to be a bit dry but it was actually really chewy and delicious. I'm not normally a big fan of seeds but this was pretty darn tasty. It made a nice little 'dessert' whilst I was having lunch and left me feeling quite full. I've liked this on Graze and really want to try more of their flapjacks.

Lightly Salted Healthy Popping Corn - I was really excited to try some of this. It was the only thing in this box that I'd actually requested. I think that popcorn tastes the best when it's still warm. This was really lovely and not too salty. The only thing is that despite cooking it for 2 minutes(the instructions said up to two minutes but it may cook faster) more of this remained unpopped. I would have this again but I wish they had cooking instructions specific to different microwave strengths.

My Thai - I love sweet chilli sauce so I was excited to see these little soy crackers with chilli dip in my box. These were so tasty. The crackers were a bit like snack a jacks but a lot crunchier. The chilli dip was really spicy so if you aren't a big fan of chilli then probably best to avoid. I personally love spicy food so I loved this pot. 

If you would like a free Graze box then you can use this code : L35ZXP5D and I'll get £1 off of one my boxes which I'd really appreciate!

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