Review: Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

Friday, 6 September 2013

Let me introduce you to my best best friend. The ultra-amazing ultrabland cleanser from Lush. I have very oily skin and as this is an oil based cleanser I had always avoided it but I was hearing more and more people say that it was amazing for oily skin so I decided to try it out. This is a soft balm which starts to melt onto your skin at body temperature. You just massage this into your skin and then wash off with hot water and a muslin cloth. I love using this. It feels so luxurious and soft. After using it my skin feels so moisturised and smooth but not oily. Within a week I noticed a serious improvement in my skin. My blemishes had gone and no new ones had appeared. My skin also looked a lot more radiant. I'm so happy with what it has done to my skin. I've always shyed away from oil based products for my skin but now I'm thinking this is the way forward. Lush say that this is suitable for all skin types which I normally see as a lot of bull shit but I totally agree! I recommend you all try this.

The smell of this product is the only thing that puts me off using this. It smells kind of like wine/champagne which my mum would love but I myself find a bit icky. It's not as strong when you're using it as opposed to how strong it is in the tub however. But considering how much of a miracle product this has been I'm willing to let it slide, I'd repurchase anyway. I think the main thing that put me off trying this was that it carries a £6.95 for a 45g tub but I now know that I'll have no problem paying £10.95 for the larger 100g tub. A little goes a long way and it's definitely worth the money.

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