Share The Love #2

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hello everyone. Today I've got another share the love post for you so that I can showcase another 3 of my favourite blogs.

Firstly a blog I've been following for quite a while now, Becky Bedbug, which is written by the lovely Becky. What I really like about Becky's posts are the wide variety. She has a great mix of beauty and lifestyle posts: everything from book reviews to posts about lipsticks. I also love her advice posts, especially the 5 tips for offering advertising post as I've been thinking about offering advertising recently. I also follow Becky on Twitter and she is very active during the #bbloggers chats and I love talking to her. Please go share the love over on Becky Bedbug.

Fifi Mcgee is a relatively new blog but one of my favourites. If my blog had been as good as Fifi's when it just started I would cry with happiness! My favourite posts on Fifi McGee are definitely the baking posts as it's more of a lifestyle blog. Just look at these chocolate and raspberry brownies, how great is the photography?! I still can't believe Fifi's only been blogging since June, her blog looks so professional. I think she'll go really far! Please head over to Fifi McGee and share the love as she deserves so many more followers(plus she also is Caitlin Moran's doppelgänger!).

And last but not least, The Little Things, written by the charming Louise. Louise is planning to move to Edinburgh once she has graduated which is awesome, I hope we can meet up when she does. The Little Things is another mixed blog but with a focus on fashion. I really love the outfits that Louise comes up with. I always really admire how effortlessly fashion bloggers pull off amazing outfits, I could never do that! I especially love this outfit post featuring a lovely kimono.
Louise has also updated her blog layout recently and it looks gorgeous so please go have a look!

Do you follow any of these blogs? What blogs are your favourites?

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