Week In Photos #49

Sunday, 8 September 2013

New purchases / First ever Graze Box / Horse riding(of course)

Party / Sick cuddles / Grandad

Oh honestly I've had such a stressful week! To begin with I was supposed to be going to the University Of Edinburgh open day on Monday and then came down with a really bad viral throat infection. I spent all of Monday-Thursday on the sofa drinking water and feeling sorry for myself. Now I have 5 hours of maths to can't up which I can just tell is going to be delightful.

Then when I went to work yesterday my colleage fell really ill and ended up getting taken to hospital in an ambulance. So I was running the shop by myself and we had one of the busiest days ever. I got a friend to come and help me for a bit so it was a bit more relaxed towards the end but still not something I want to do again ever! Joe is ok now but has to rest for a few days.

Uh anyway, maybe next week will be a bit quieter.

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