Week In Photos #50

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Nails / Winnie
New phone case / Work selfie

Just to start off with... how crazy is it that this is my 50th week in photos post? I mean I don't do them every week so I've definitely been doing them for over a year. At one point I need to sit down and read through all the old ones because I bet it would be really interesting! I love writing week in photos posts but often I just don't have enough photos. My old phone's battery had gone off so I wasn't really taking photos because 50% of the time my battery had died. My contract ran out and I now have a new shiny iPhone so I'm pledging to do these posts more often. I also have a few instavideos if you'd like to see them too!

Not much has really happened this week as I've mostly just been at school. I had a chemistry NAB on Thursday so I'd been studying a lot for that. It paid off and I got 18/20 for it. Super pleased. Since starting advanced highers I've really been feeling like I'm struggling. I got told by a lot of people that the jump from higher to advanced higher isn't as bad as going from standard grade to higher but I'm feeling the other way around. Especially maths. I missed 4 lessons whilst off with a throat infection and I still don't feel properly caught up.

Next week I might be going to a blogging event(although train schedules are really working against me) and the Edinburgh University open day(after missing the last one because of a throat infection. So hopefully should have a lot to write about.

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