Review: Lush Shoot For The Stars

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
It's that time of year again where Lush start putting out their Christmas collection. I for one try not to think about Christmas before Halloween but I can make an exception for Lush. I think you all know by now that I'm a massive Lush fan so I was really excited to see a lot of new things in the collection along with some old favourites like Cinders and Melting Snowman. The first thing I've tried from the new range is Shoot For The Stars. A bath ballistic(ie bath bomb) priced at £3.25. What I love about the Christmas collection is that it's very reasonable priced. Sometimes Lush products can be very expensive but very few bath bombs from the Christmas collection are over £3. Saying that I do think £3.25 is a good price for this.

Shoot For The Stars has the same smell as the Honey I Washed The Kids soap. I think this makes it smell like a toffee apple. It's so sweet and delicious. I'm not sure if it's just the stars on it but this scent almost reminds me of bonfire night. Standing at a firework display with a hot chocolate and a sparkler. It just makes me think of winter and early evenings. This was a bit of a 'slow fizzer' rather than an 'exploder' but after it had fizzed around there was a lovely pink surprise centre. This turned the water a beautiful deep purple. The only thing is that there was quite a lot of glitter in this. I'm not a massive fan of glitter so was quite disappointed, especially as you couldn't tell there was glitter in this from the outside. You know those bath bombs that leave your bath so sparkley you have to clean it? This was one of those! All in all still lovely and I'd repurchase.

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Revision Tips From A Straight A Student

Monday, 28 October 2013
Hello everyone. I've been thinking about publishing a post like this for a long time. But just didn't know how to go about it without appearing big headed. But I've just decided to go ahead and do it. I got straight As in my highers and whilst a lot of people just like to write that off as me 'just being really clever' I actually worked my ass off last year. To put it into perspective: from the October break to the Christmas break I done 3 hours of revision per subject per week(15) and from the Christmas break onwards I done 4 hours of revision per subject per week(20). And I have a part time job. I'm in no way saying that I'm some sort of revision expert but I was able to work out what was good for me and obviously it was effective.

1. Work out what sort of revision works best for you. The top 3 ways that I learn are: rewriting notes, answering past paper questions and teaching other people. Things that I don't find effective are just listening to people talk, watching videos(although if you're doing higher physics and you've not seen GlesgaPhysics then you're missing out) and making things(models and posters and such). It's all about figuring out what works and then utilising that as best as you can.

2. Realistically keep track of what you struggle with the most in a subject and study that. There's absolutely no point in studying what you know. Yes it's a lot easier to do a lot of questions on something you're really good at, but it isn't going to get you anywhere. When I'm in class I mark my own work with a green pen(I write in black) and I also make corrections for the questions I get wrong. Then when I'm going back through my work I can easily spot what I need to work on the most because it's the areas with the most green pen.

3. Always ask for help if you don't understand something. "He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever." That's true. I always ask if I don't understand something or know how to do something. You just need to push past the idea of people thinking that you're stupid. It's going to help you in the long run so who cares? A lot of the time I get people saying 'oh thank god you asked about that because I didn't get it at all'. You're not the only one. It also helps you build a better relationship with your teachers as they know that you're really serious about passing the subjects. I'm not saying go around and kiss ass but it does help if your teachers actually like you.

4. Take advantage of any extra help your school offers. My school runs after school revision classes for almost every subject and then after school on a Friday there's a 2 hour 'master class' for English. There were also full day revision classes closer to the exams. I'm not saying that you should go to every single one because sometime life gets in the way and what not. But if you don't make the effort to go to anything at all can you really say you tried your hardest?

5. Try and start revising as soon as you get home from school. I found that if I came home and sat about for a while and said that I'd start revising after dinner. The harder it was to actually start revising after dinner. You're brain's already turned on so take advantage of that and you'll maybe even be able to get in an hour or two before dinner. This is why I liked the after school revision classes as I could get an hour of revision done before I'd even gotten home.

6. Don't beat yourself up too much to revise. Yes you should be trying to revise as much as you need to but if you slip up every now and then don't beat yourself up about it. We all have off days and that's ok. You need a break sometimes so take one. Sometimes I felt like I was really stressing myself out and making myself feel ill. That's not ok! Just make sure you get back on track.

7. Start early. A little bit of revision every week from about now to your exams will be a lot better than cramming everything in two weeks before the exams. Stop putting things off because before you know it the exams will be a month away and you haven't started revising. I find it more effective to revise as you're learning because if you wait until just before the exam you've got a lot more to go over.

So there you go. Those are a few tips from me on how to revise. Please don't take anything as concrete though, everyone has their own ways.

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Book Haul #3

Sunday, 27 October 2013
Hello everyone. I hope you're all well. Today I've got a book haul. I really enjoy writing book hauls as I'm a massive fan of reading but lately I've been using my Kindle Fire HD and it's too hard to photograph the screen! But here we go, I hope you enjoy!

I've heard a lot about Where'd You Go, Bendadette by Maria Semple on the internet so when I saw that it was quite cheap I had to snap it up. I absolutely loved this. It's written in the form of letters and emails collected by Bernadette's daughter after she runs away. It's quite like The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson in the way that it's very unrealistic but hilarious at the same time. I rated this 5/5 stars. Next is Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. This is a collection of 3 stories set in Gracetown on Christmas Eve. I really enjoyed this but I was a little surprised that I really disliked John Green's section in this. I love John Green, he's one of my favourite writers and YouTubers but I found all the characters to be very angsty and they all thought they were better than everyone else because they don't follow trends and it was just really annoying! I loved Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle's sections though.

Next I have my new favourite series! The Lunar Chronicles consists of Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. This is a series where fairy tales are retold with modern twists. In Cinder Cinderella is a cyborg working as a mechanic. I really enjoyed the first book and as soon as I'd finished it I ordered the second. I wasn't expecting them to tie in but they did so brilliantly and I'm so annoyed the 3rd book doesn't come out until 2014! I would thoroughly recommend them both.

The next two books were given to me by my grandad. The Lewis Man by Peter May is a crime novel about a murder on Lewis, a Scottish island. If you've ever been to one of the Scottish islands then you'll know that there's this great atmosphere there that you can't describe. Peter May captured this absolutely beautifully and it made me want to go back. The story was also very interesting and easy to read. I think this is actually the middle book in a series and I will definitely be checking the other ones out. Next is Empire of Silver by Conn Iggulden. This book is about Genghis Khan. I don't really know what to expect from this as it's the only one I haven't read yet but I'm sure that it will be very interesting.

If you would like to add me on GoodReads to keep up with what I'm reading then please feel free to. 

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Beauxoxo £20 Voucher Giveaway! CLOSED

Saturday, 26 October 2013
Hello everyone! Today I'm bring you a very exciting post. I've teamed up with Beauxoxo to bring you a giveaway! Beauxoxo make absolutely gorgeous hair accessories and not only that but they ship internationally! Yes that's right, this means it's an international giveaway. I always feel so bad because I can't afford to ship giveaway prizes abroad and I now that that I have a lot of readers out with the UK. This one's for you guys.

So for your chance to win a £20 voucher for Beauxoxo fill in the Rafflecopter options below...

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A big thank you to Beauxoxo and good luck to you all :)

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Recipe: Cinnamon Cupcakes with Maple Syrup Frosting

Hello everyone! I've finally got a recipe post for you all. Recipe posts are one of my favourites to write but because I'm a little busy bee I don't often get the time to just chill out and bake. The October holidays are an absolute godsend. Time to just chill out and relax! This is actually a recipe I kind of came up with my self by altering the basic vanilla cupcake recipe from the BBC. I was really in the mood for some 'autumn' baking and really wanted something cinnamony. I added a little bit of something here and there and came up with these cinnamon cupcakes with maple syrup frosting. Delicious. This recipe will make 12 cupcakes but they won't last long.


4oz butter
4oz caster sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
4oz self raising flour
2tbsp milk

4oz butter
8oz icing sugar
2tbsp milk
maple syrup for drizzling

1. Preheat oven to gas mark 4 and line out some baking cases.
2. Cream the butter and sugar together and then add in the two eggs.
3. Stir in the vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg. The cake batter will take on a very dark colour because of the cinnamon. This worried me because I thought it would be too cinnamony but it's absolutely fine. The perfect ammount if anything!
4. Slowly add the flour bit by bit. If the cake batter is too thick then add some milk.
5. Spoon into the cupcake cases and then cook for about 15 minutes. It's hard to judge them by colour so test with a skewer/cocktail stick to see if they're done.
6. Beat the icing sugar and butter together with some milk until it's thick enough. 
7. Put the icing into an icing bag/freezer bag and pipe the icing into some 'mountains'.
8. And finally drizzle some maple syrup on top.

 And there we have it. My first 'fall' recipe of the year. Seriously Starbucks should just employ me now.

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Introducing Ginger & Co

Wednesday, 23 October 2013
Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing some products from Ginger & Co, the new kids on the block with body care. These products were sent to me for review purposes but everything expressed is my own honest opinion. Ginger & Co launched a few weeks ago and the products can be bought from Semi Chem. I think what I find most enticing about these products is the packaging. They have a very 'pin up' feel and I can't resist a bit of vintage! They also don't test of animals so if you're a cruelty free blogger like my pals Morag and Louise then this will be right up your street! 

The range includes a bubble bath, body wash, hand wash, hand cream, body butter and body lotion. Everything is priced at £3.75 apart from the hand cream which is £2.99. Very reasonably priced! I think that everything is really good value for money, especially the body butter which is massive. Unfortunately I have a bit of an issue with the scent of the range. I personally think that it smells a bit like the mini shampoos that you steal from get from hotels. I can't really think of another way to describe it. My sister loves it however so maybe it's just me. Also it bugs me a bit that their motto is 'Born & Bred In England' and they use the British flag on their packaging!

Heavenly Hands Moisturising Hand Wash - I didn't really get off to a good start with this product as the packaging broke when I was trying to open it. After decanting it into another container I was able to get using it. I really liked this hand wash, 500ml is a lot of product so I feel like it's pretty good value for money. I also think the packaging would look awesome on display in my bath room. It's just a shame mine broke. I'm not too sure if that's my fault or if the packaging is just like that.

Hand It To Me Dreamy Handcream - Working in an aquarium means that my hands are very very dry so I was quite excited to put this to the test. I found that this was really good for keeping in my bag and touching up during the day but not so great for over night. I found it to be similar in quality to Hand Food from Soap & Glory so if that works for you then this will be great.

Bathing Beauty Moisturising Bubble Bath - Because I'm not too keen on the scent I was a bit worried about using this as I didn't really want to sit in a bath of this for a while. However the scent changed a bit in the bath and I was rather pleasantly surprised! It produced a lot of bubbles and made for a quite relaxing bath. I think this would be good for using with a bath bomb if you also want bubbles because I don't think this would alter the scent too much.

Double Up Creamy Body Wash - This was one of the products that I was most excited about trying. It's an in shower moisturiser and shower gel two in one. I really enjoyed using this. I found it to be just as good as the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser but as it doubles as a shower gel it makes showering faster and is one less bottle in the shower. I think this was the highlight of the range for me.

Soft On You Daily Body Lotion - This product normally comes in the same bottle as the handwash, this little tube was just sent to me as a sample. I also really liked this lotion. I've been choosing lotions over body butters a lot lately and this is no exception. It's very light but moisturising at the same time. It's a great little product. I would buy the 500ml bottle! I especially think that the pump would be great for delivering the right amount of product as a little goes a long way with this.

Soft On You Comforting Body Butter - I also really liked this. It's very, very thick but it actually soaks into the skin quicker than the lotion. I can tell that once it starts to get really cold I'll lean towards this a lot more. Did I mention how big it was? This tub is so huge! Definitely good value for money and will last me absolutely ages.

All in all I think that Ginger & Co are delivering some good quality products at great prices. There are a few issues that I had with some of the products but for a newly established company I think they're doing extremely well. Next time you're in Semi Chem go and check the products out, you won't be disappointed! 

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How To Clean A Candle Jar

Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Now I love to burn candles. But there's something that feels so wasteful about them, what do you do with the glass container when you're done. I'd seen a few photos floating around Pinterest of empty Yankee Candle jars as make up brush holders and I thought it looked really cute. I had a few lying around so tried a few methods and I've found what works best. All you need is a knife, a scourer sponge and some boiling water.

Start off my by scoring the bottom of the candle wax with your knife. This helps the wax melt a lot quicker. Then pour some boiling water into the glass jar. I was paranoid that this would make it shatter but is doesn't! As you can see all the wax will melt and rise to the top. DON'T POUR IT DOWN THE SINK. I saw a lot of people saying you should do that which makes me want to smack my face off the table. The wax will solidify again!

Once you've waited a while the wax will have hardened again at the top of the water. Then cut a little hole in the top with your knife and simply pick the pieces out! 

Then all you need to do is to go round the inside of the glass with the scouring sponge to get rid of any remaining wax and soot. If you want to remove the label then you can do so but I think it looks really cute with the label still stuck on. Then wah-la! You're done. Just dry it out with some paper towel and you're good to go. I think my make up brushes look great on my desk in these, I also done another and gave it to my sister. My pens and pencils are getting put in the next one.

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Week In Photos #52

Sunday, 20 October 2013
Graze box / Ginger & Co delivery / THAT tartan scarf
Wagamama event / Hitting 900 followers
Night in / Bowling for Soup / Cinnamon cupcakes / Hitler fish

Hello everyone! I've been a busy bee since I last wrote a week in photos post. I can't remember the last time I had this many photos. I completed my 3 blogging events in 3 weeks streak with the Wagamama A/W menu launch. It was probably one of the best events I've ever been too, who can say no to free food? I definitely will be going back once the menu is released for more of the pulled pork dumplings and pancakes. I'm going to stop talking about it now because it's making me hungry.

I also went to see Bowling For Soup last Tuesday at the Glasgow O2 Academy. It was their farewell UK tour which is absolutely devastating. The first gig I actually went to was Bowling For Soup at the O2 Academy so it was very sentimental. My step sister came up from Penrith to go with me. We had a great time and it was lovely to see her again. They played some of my favourites which is good but I still hope that they'll come back again.

I'm now on my October break and I'm glad to have a few days off to chill out. Going to school and working Saturdays and Sundays really takes it out of me. I'll have the time to do lots of dog walking and blogging. I also have a physics write up to do and a maths test the day I go back so it won't be a holiday without work but at least I can break up the work a bit. I also have to rejig my personal statement a bit. I've pretty much finished it I just need to reword my sentences so that they don't all start with 'I'.

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Review: Blackhead Killers

Saturday, 19 October 2013
Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing a few face mask sachets that I was sent to review from Style Lux. These are the black head killers. I have lots lots of black heads on my nose and a few on my chin. It's probably my main concern with my skin and something that I'm always struggling with.

The black head killers are jet black and very thick in consistency I kind of felt like I was applying tar to my face. It isn't the most convenient of  masks as it is quite hard to clean off your hands but I'm willing to let that slide because damn, these work. About 10-15 minutes after applying the mask you peel if off. I hadn't used a peel off mask for a long time and to be honest I'd forgotten how painful it was! It's pretty damn nippy! But anyway, I noticed a great difference along my chin and a pretty good difference on my nose which is where the oldest blackheads are. I'd used a lot of the black head strips where you could see the black heads coming out on the strips but not notice a visible difference on my face. However, I was really amazed by how many of my black heads were gone. Out of all of the black head removing products I've tried over the years(and trust that's a lot) I'd say this has been the most effective.

The only issue that I have with these is the price. It's £14.95 for 5 sachets which makes each mask £2.99. Ouchie. Very steep. I wish it was sold in a tube because that would be so much better value money. As much as I loved this product I know it's definitely not something I can afford to repurchase on a regular basis.

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Graze Box #4

Wednesday, 16 October 2013
Hello everyone. Today I've got another Graze post for you all, that thankfully is a lot more positive than the last one! This week I added two 'send soons' so that I new I'd be looking forward to trying the things in the box. I really liked this box so I think I'll be holding out on my subscription for a while anyway. My next box is actually free.

If you would like a free Graze box then please use my code:
Using this code allows me to get some money off of future boxes and make donations to the Graze School Of Farming so I'd really appreciate it if you did.

Eleanor's Apple Crumble - A mix of dried apple, raisins and cinnamon honey almonds. I'm actually amazed by how much this actually tasted like apple crumble. And the cinnamon honey almonds were so good. Normally I don't like almonds so I was a little bit worried when I saw them but I'd quite happily snack on these. I've added them to my 'like' pile.

Slightly Sweet Healthy Popping Corn -  I decided to give the popcorn another chance after the last bag was a bit disappointing. I cooked it for the recommended time and over half of it hadn't popped. This time I left it in a lot longer and there were only 10 or so kernels left in the bottom of the bag. This tastes just like popcorn you get from the cinema but without the heart attack. Very satisfying and I'm marking this as a love on the Graze website.

The Graze Brownie - I was really excited to try this as it actually has beetroot in it, making it a healthy brownie. Who can say no to a healthy brownie? Not me! This was so delicious. Just as good as a normal brownie, I really couldn't tell that there was any beetroot in it. I am converted.

Fruity Mango Chutney With Black Pepper Dippers - This was ok. The dippers were crunchy and quite nice but I have a bit of a love hate relationship with mango chutney.

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Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

This review has been long over due. I've been meaning to review this product for over a year now. It's an absolutely life saver. I have quite curly, frizzy hair so having a good conditioner is a must for me. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is supposed to be used as a deep conditioner but I love it so much that I use it as a normal conditioner every time I wash my hair. It smells absolutely beautiful. It's quite minty and refreshing but has a little bit of a fruity twist too it. It reminds me of a sweet I used to have a lot as a kid but I can't remember the name of them for the life of me. I think the reason I've been putting off reviewing this for so long is because I wanted to mention that sweet by name because I'm rubbish at describing scents. It was definitely a little corner shop sweet as opposed to a big name brand one though. Anyone else know what I'm thinking about?

The packaging is quite handy as there's no lid. You just squeeze it straight out the bottom of the bottle. It makes for a really quick and easy conditioner. I like to add a small amount(a little goes a long way with this) of the 3 Minute Miracle to my hair after shampooing and concentrate it on my ends. I then spend a wee while potttering about the shower: body wash, shaving, exfoliating and generally philosophising about life. Then after rinsing it off in cold water(apparently this does something good for your hair but I just find it refreshing) my hair feels so much smoother. I wouldn't say this is the best thing if you have really damaged hair. Then I think you'd be better with something a lot more heavy duty but I think this is great for general up keep of your hair. A bottle comes in at £4.99 and it's almost always available on some kind of offer. I would definitely recommend this.

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Wagamama Autumn Winter Menu

Sunday, 13 October 2013
A few weeks ago I got an invite to the Wagamama Autumn Winter Menu Preview Evening on West George Street in Glasgow. How could I say no? I was allowed a plus one so I brought along my granny(massive Wagamama fan) and we met Morag and headed on down. We had a great night and ate lots of delicious food. I took a lot of photos so beware: if you're hungry this post probably isn't a good idea! I'm not allowed to reveal any of the names of these dishes but I can give you a little description and what I thought about them, I'll try my best.

The first thing that we got to try is a new starter: pulled pork dumplings with a spiced black vinegar and ginger sauce. These were absolutely beautiful. The pork is cooked for 7 hours and was so smokey and delicious. The sauce was also really nice and complimented the dumplings perfectly. The next time I go back I will definitely be getting these again.

The first main course we tried was this fish curry. Despite not being a massive fan on the fish this was probably my favourite dish of the night. The sauce was the perfect combination of creamy and spicey. If I could have this dish with chicken instead then I'd be in heaven. I liked this even more than the Katsu Chicken curry. That is ground breaking!

Next up was a side dish of stir fried pok choi and long stemed broccoli in a garlic and soy sauce. The sauce was lovely but I'm personally not a fan of the veggies. Morag and my gran loved it.

I have to admit that this duck ramen was actually the first time I've ever tried ramen. I thought this was really nice. The duck was really well cooked and the broth was really flavourful. The red chillies added a nice little kick. One thing though is that the portion size is huge. I have never seen someone finish a ramen at Wagamama, it just seems like a bit of a waste. I'm not quite sure if this is something I'd order for myself as it was a bit plain but it would be good for someone that's trying Japanese food for the first time.

Next up is another new ramen, a mushroom ramen. I don't like mushrooms so I politely gave this one a miss. Everyone else seemed to like it though. There's lots of different types of mushrooms in there so if you're a fan then it would be good to get to try them all.

 Next we have an old Wagamama dish, back by popular demand. This one's a big bowl of noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass soup with some grilled chicken. It's also available with prawns. The soup was a lot thicker in this than the ramen so the noodles were a lot tastier but there was a bit of an after taste. To me this has quite a strong taste of fish sauce. This only came from the chicken and not the noodles, odd.

And what I was most anticipating: the desert. Wagamama are adding these pancakes to their menu this season. Two pancakes folded over and filled with a date and orange paste served with cinnamon ice cream. Just writing up this again I'm drooling. The pancakes were so delicious and you can really tell that they're cooked fresh in the restaurant. The cinnamon ice cream was absolutely amazing. Can I buy a whole tub of it? Please say yes. 

And there are some new additions to their drink menu. The first is a new juice. This one's made with carrot, orange and beetroot. I wasn't a massive fan as it tasted quite strongly of carrot but I did find that the more I drank the more I got used to it. They're also serving a new beer this season called Iki but I thought I'd better just stick with the juice.

Happy faces all round! The new menu will be launched on the 22nd of October and i thoroughly suggest you get yourself down to the nearest Wagamama for some pulled pork dumplings and pancakes if nothing else! Thank you so much to Wagamama for having us.

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Fabb Glasgow Goody Bags

Tuesday, 8 October 2013
Hello everyone. If you've not read yesterday's post about the full Fabb event then I'd recommend doing that first! I thought I'd do a full post about the Fabb goodie bags because there is so much to talk about. We were very, very, very spoilt. After all of this and the shopping I done afterwards I don't think I'll need to buy any beauty products for a long long time!

First off we have a Lift Away The Years serum and 10 Minute Glow face mask from Crystal Clear skincare. Crystal Clear were one of the brands at Fabb and I'm quite excited to try these after hearing them talk about them. Next we have a bb cream from Anovia. I was really excited when I saw this but it's actualyl a medium/dark so I've had to give it to my mum. I'll report back and let you know what she thinks of it. There's a sample of the I Coloniali Deep Massage Body Cream with Myrrh. I'm excited to see what this smells like. Another few treats from a brand that were at Fabb: Beauty Kitchen. There's the cutest little body scrub and a 'scent bomb' that's been making my room smell amazing.

Next we have a smokey eye brush kit and a foundation kit from Urban Beauty United. These brushes are so soft and I can't wait to try them out. Something I'm especially excited to try out is this Wonder 10 hair Treatment from Osmo which claims to make 10 improvements to my hair. I've never tried any false lashes so I was quite excited to see these ones from The Vintage Cosmetics Company. I reviewed some temporary tattoos from Fickle and honestly didn't like them so I'll be seeing how these ones from Skin Art compare. The deodorant wipes and eye make up remover wipes from Halo sound very handy. I'm not too sure about the deodorant wipes but they might be good for camping. 

I absolutely hate shaving my legs(and don't do it often as a consequence) so I'm quite excited to give this Nair hair removal cream a go! There's a sachet of a hair paste from Structure Hair but I honestly can't see myself getting any use out of this as my hair's not short but oh well. There's a little perfume sample but I can't actually work out who it's from. And a Milkshake shampoo that I'm sure will be put to good use. I've heard a lot about Milkshake so I'm quite excited to try it out. And who can resist some Jelly Belly beans? I'm quite excited to try this dry shampoo from Girlz Only to see how it compares to Batiste. Although I hope I don't like it too much as I don't have a Tesco near me.

Yet some more tattoos. The spray on ones from Iconic Body Art. These will be a good laugh with my friends if nothing else. And to see how it compares to the Girlz Only dry shampoo, a bottle of the Grafitti Batiste. The Mallzee stand were giving out phone cases and oyster card holders. The phone case is unfortunately for iPhone 5s but I'll put my rail card in the oyster card holder. And some more edible delights, this time from American Soda.

Some lovely ladies from Lush were at the event which made me fan girl. They were giving out goodie bags and I got a sample of Mask of Magnaminty in mine and some Orange Jelly soap. And finally some goodies from Cocoa Brown. I've never fake tanned before but they've seriously sold this to me!

And breath, that's every thing! I was so overwhelmed so thank you so much to Ray and Tor for organising the event. They did such a great job :)

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Fabb Glasgow

Monday, 7 October 2013
Hello everyone! On Saturday I headed through to Glasgow on the train to meet up with my blogging BFF Charlotte and attend the Fabb Glasgow event. Fabb events are organised by two lovely bloggers, Ray and Tor, and aim to introduce brands to bloggers. There were several stands set up and we just walked around and spoke to other bloggers and the people at the stalls. Everyone was so lovely. My only regret is that I didn't get to speak to everyone!

I loved these little cupcakes that they had with the Fabb logo on them, how adorable. I had one of the cookies and cream ones and it was pretty tasty. If there's one way to entice bloggers, it's free cake.

Charlotte and I had already met Tammy from DIY Nails at the blogging event at Sloans so it was nice to see her again. She had a little stall set up where she was doing manicures with the decals she sells. They're so cute. I got a shellac manicure on Tuesday so I was gutted that I couldn't have her do my nails! What I like most about her nail decals is that you can upload your own pictures and have them printed as decals. So say you wanted Ryan Gosling on your nails *ahem* then you could get Ryan Gosling on your nails *ahem*.

The event was hosted in Fanelli's In Merchant Square. It was a very nice venue and we were on the bar balcony. It was pretty cool and they had lovely little fairy lights over the top. 

 The tickets are £10 each which I think is fair. I saw a few bloggers moaning about it on Twitter when the tickets first became available. But what you have to take into consideration is that Ray and Tor had to book the venue it's not like it was a company using their own store. Plus we got absolutely spoilt with the goody bags, I'll have a full blog post up about that tomorrow. But I definitely thought the ticket price was justified and I had an amazing time.

A massive thank you to Ray and Tor for organising such a great event. And a massive thank you to the brands that came along: Appointedd, Beauty Kitchen, Cocoa Brown, Crystal Clear Skincare, DIY Nails, Girlz Only, Iconic Body Art, Lush, Mallzee, The Pokey Hat and Tropic Skincare.

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Week In Photos #51

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Burgers @ Bristo / Mallzee app launch / Cake pops
New jumper from AX Paris / Sammy boy / New winter candles
Interesting sign at St Andrews / Goody bags from #fabbglasgow / Photo booth

Hello everyone. I've been pretty busy this last couple of weeks so I've got a lot to talk about ! A while ago I went to the Mallzee app launch with a few other Scottish bloggers and it was amazing. We went for dinner at Bristo before and I had a teriyaki chicken burger. Yummy! The launch party was amazing and I had such a great night. I wrote a full post about it that you can read here.

Then the Saturday after that I took the day off work to go to the Edinburgh University open day. I had an absolutely great time and I've decided that it's definitely my first choice uni, now just to get on with my application! I wasn't really sure about what I wanted to study but knew I wanted something chemistry based. At the open day I found out that the first year for all the chemistry based courses is the same so you can swap between if you want to which is very reassuring! My friend Natasha came with me and we made a bit of a day of it and done some shopping and had an amazing dinner at this little Italian cafe near the Playhouse. I can't remember what it was called but my pizza cost £5 and it was amazing.

On Wednesday I went to the open day at St Andrews University. Despite it being the top rated university in Scotland I absolutely hated it! One of the pluses of going to university for me is getting out of my small town and St Andrews is so much smaller. To be honest everything was very 'prestigious' and there were lots of superstitions and what not. It just wasn't 'me' at all. I'm so glad I went because I cannot think of a worse place to spend 5 years!

And finally yesterday I went to the Fabb Glasgow event! It was so much fun and I got to meet some really lovely bloggers and brands. Mallzee were there and I must have spent about half of my time there speaking to them because they're such a great crew. And they were handing out free fudge. We were absolutely spoilt in the goody bags! I'm going to do some posts about that during the week so look out for that!

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Graze Box #3

Wednesday, 2 October 2013
Hello everyone! I thought I'd share with you what I got in my third Graze box. To be honest I really disliked this box and it's made me understand why a lot of people cancel their subscriptions. I get my 5th box free so I think I'm going to stick it out until then. For my next box I've clicked 'send soon' on three things I've wanted to try so only one thing will be a surprise. Hopefully I'll like it a lot more than this one.

If you'd like a free Graze box then please used my code:
This is a special 'just for friends' code and it will get you your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes for free. It also means I can get some money off my future boxes and make donations to the Graze School of Farming in Africa. I'd really appreciate it!

Cracking Black Peppercorn - I'd actually requested this one as I love black pepper and really liked the rice crackers in the my thai. However, the consistency of these were really weird. They were very flakey and I didn't like it at all. I've binned these even though I liked the flavour as the consistency made them really weird to eat.

Pear Tatin - This was so gross. Only way to really describe it. It's made up of dried pear(gross), raspberry infused cranberries(nice but not as nice as plain dried cranberries), yoghurt coated seeds(these were actually pretty darn tasty) and almonds(I personally don't like almonds). I only ate the cranberries and the yoghurt covered seeds so felt like this was a bit of a waste. I'm surprised I didn't like the dried pear though as I loved the dried apple in the toffee apples tub. I've binned this on the Graze website so they won't be send me it again.

Super Berry Detox - I was really excited to see this because I've wanted to try goji berries for ageeees. They're supposedly a super fruit. The tub contains blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and green raisins. They were all nice but it wasn't really anything special. There was also way too much to eat in one sitting, I ate the tub over the course of 3 days. I didn't necessarily dislike this but I'd rather try something new than get this again so I've binned it on the Graze website as well.

Apple and Blackcurrant Crumble with Blackberry Compote - To be honest I knew as soon as I saw this that I wouldn't like it. I'm just not a fan of berries after they've been cooked for some reason. I prefer them fresh or dried. It wasn't necessarily bad but just not to my personal taste. Another one binned from me!

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