How To Clean A Candle Jar

Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Now I love to burn candles. But there's something that feels so wasteful about them, what do you do with the glass container when you're done. I'd seen a few photos floating around Pinterest of empty Yankee Candle jars as make up brush holders and I thought it looked really cute. I had a few lying around so tried a few methods and I've found what works best. All you need is a knife, a scourer sponge and some boiling water.

Start off my by scoring the bottom of the candle wax with your knife. This helps the wax melt a lot quicker. Then pour some boiling water into the glass jar. I was paranoid that this would make it shatter but is doesn't! As you can see all the wax will melt and rise to the top. DON'T POUR IT DOWN THE SINK. I saw a lot of people saying you should do that which makes me want to smack my face off the table. The wax will solidify again!

Once you've waited a while the wax will have hardened again at the top of the water. Then cut a little hole in the top with your knife and simply pick the pieces out! 

Then all you need to do is to go round the inside of the glass with the scouring sponge to get rid of any remaining wax and soot. If you want to remove the label then you can do so but I think it looks really cute with the label still stuck on. Then wah-la! You're done. Just dry it out with some paper towel and you're good to go. I think my make up brushes look great on my desk in these, I also done another and gave it to my sister. My pens and pencils are getting put in the next one.

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