Monday, 14 October 2013

October Wishlist

October Wishlist

1.  I may or may not have already gotten a new winter coat last week. But that doesn't mean I can't still look at this one from Topshop does it? It's fur lined. Fake fur lined which y'know is a bonus. It looks so snuggly and warm.

2. As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love. Not only is it a gorgeous colour but the tailoring just gives it such a 'retro' vibe. Plus it has sleeves. I have really wide shoulders in comparison to my hips so I hate wear sleeveless things.

3. I've worn my two pairs of Converse to pieces and I really want a new fresh pair. I already have a red pair and a black pair so I'm currently lusting after this grey pair. I also quite fancy the maroon ones but my sister already has them. Although when did Converse get so bloody expensive. £50?! A friend of mine works in shoe at the call centre and she says that the price margin on them is huge as well.

4. How could I resist adding something a little Halloween themed in an October wishlist? I mean come on! This jumper is so cute. I'd wear it for all of winter so it would be worth the money. What can I say, my twelve year old emo self loves it.

5. I've had my current purse for nearly two years so I'm thinking about maybe getting a new one. I saw this cat one in New Look the other day and I thought it was pretty cute.

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