Review: Lush Shoot For The Stars

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
It's that time of year again where Lush start putting out their Christmas collection. I for one try not to think about Christmas before Halloween but I can make an exception for Lush. I think you all know by now that I'm a massive Lush fan so I was really excited to see a lot of new things in the collection along with some old favourites like Cinders and Melting Snowman. The first thing I've tried from the new range is Shoot For The Stars. A bath ballistic(ie bath bomb) priced at £3.25. What I love about the Christmas collection is that it's very reasonable priced. Sometimes Lush products can be very expensive but very few bath bombs from the Christmas collection are over £3. Saying that I do think £3.25 is a good price for this.

Shoot For The Stars has the same smell as the Honey I Washed The Kids soap. I think this makes it smell like a toffee apple. It's so sweet and delicious. I'm not sure if it's just the stars on it but this scent almost reminds me of bonfire night. Standing at a firework display with a hot chocolate and a sparkler. It just makes me think of winter and early evenings. This was a bit of a 'slow fizzer' rather than an 'exploder' but after it had fizzed around there was a lovely pink surprise centre. This turned the water a beautiful deep purple. The only thing is that there was quite a lot of glitter in this. I'm not a massive fan of glitter so was quite disappointed, especially as you couldn't tell there was glitter in this from the outside. You know those bath bombs that leave your bath so sparkley you have to clean it? This was one of those! All in all still lovely and I'd repurchase.

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