Share The Love #3

Friday, 18 October 2013
Hello everyone. Just another wee post from little, old me to introduce to you some of the blogs I've been loving this month.

Indigo Buttons is a lifestyle blog written by the lovely Kirsty who I had the pleasure of meeting at the end of September. She was one of the girls I went to the Mallzee event with. Kirsty is such a lovely and really funny girl. Indigo Buttons is a very varied blog so there'll be something for you whatever your tastes are. And Kirsty has amazing fashion sense! Please go have a wee look around her blog as I'm sure that you'll find something you love.

Gemma's blog, Miss Makeup Magpie, has been a favourite of mine for a long time. It's mainly a beauty blog and what I love the most is that Gemma's posts are brutally honest. If she thinks a products a piece of crap she'll pretty much say so. It's quite refreshing when you see blogs that never have anything negative to say. I talk to Gemma quite a bit on Twitter and she's so lovely, please go have a look at her blog!

And lastly another new find for me. Life Set Sail is a blog written by a lovely Canadian girl called Brittany. What first drew me to the blog was the lovely photography and the minimalistic layout. Very clean. And yet again it's a very varied blog and there's lots of really great posts to read. I especially love the hot chocolate recipe. Please show Life Set Sail some love!

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