Wagamama Autumn Winter Menu

Sunday, 13 October 2013
A few weeks ago I got an invite to the Wagamama Autumn Winter Menu Preview Evening on West George Street in Glasgow. How could I say no? I was allowed a plus one so I brought along my granny(massive Wagamama fan) and we met Morag and headed on down. We had a great night and ate lots of delicious food. I took a lot of photos so beware: if you're hungry this post probably isn't a good idea! I'm not allowed to reveal any of the names of these dishes but I can give you a little description and what I thought about them, I'll try my best.

The first thing that we got to try is a new starter: pulled pork dumplings with a spiced black vinegar and ginger sauce. These were absolutely beautiful. The pork is cooked for 7 hours and was so smokey and delicious. The sauce was also really nice and complimented the dumplings perfectly. The next time I go back I will definitely be getting these again.

The first main course we tried was this fish curry. Despite not being a massive fan on the fish this was probably my favourite dish of the night. The sauce was the perfect combination of creamy and spicey. If I could have this dish with chicken instead then I'd be in heaven. I liked this even more than the Katsu Chicken curry. That is ground breaking!

Next up was a side dish of stir fried pok choi and long stemed broccoli in a garlic and soy sauce. The sauce was lovely but I'm personally not a fan of the veggies. Morag and my gran loved it.

I have to admit that this duck ramen was actually the first time I've ever tried ramen. I thought this was really nice. The duck was really well cooked and the broth was really flavourful. The red chillies added a nice little kick. One thing though is that the portion size is huge. I have never seen someone finish a ramen at Wagamama, it just seems like a bit of a waste. I'm not quite sure if this is something I'd order for myself as it was a bit plain but it would be good for someone that's trying Japanese food for the first time.

Next up is another new ramen, a mushroom ramen. I don't like mushrooms so I politely gave this one a miss. Everyone else seemed to like it though. There's lots of different types of mushrooms in there so if you're a fan then it would be good to get to try them all.

 Next we have an old Wagamama dish, back by popular demand. This one's a big bowl of noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass soup with some grilled chicken. It's also available with prawns. The soup was a lot thicker in this than the ramen so the noodles were a lot tastier but there was a bit of an after taste. To me this has quite a strong taste of fish sauce. This only came from the chicken and not the noodles, odd.

And what I was most anticipating: the desert. Wagamama are adding these pancakes to their menu this season. Two pancakes folded over and filled with a date and orange paste served with cinnamon ice cream. Just writing up this again I'm drooling. The pancakes were so delicious and you can really tell that they're cooked fresh in the restaurant. The cinnamon ice cream was absolutely amazing. Can I buy a whole tub of it? Please say yes. 

And there are some new additions to their drink menu. The first is a new juice. This one's made with carrot, orange and beetroot. I wasn't a massive fan as it tasted quite strongly of carrot but I did find that the more I drank the more I got used to it. They're also serving a new beer this season called Iki but I thought I'd better just stick with the juice.

Happy faces all round! The new menu will be launched on the 22nd of October and i thoroughly suggest you get yourself down to the nearest Wagamama for some pulled pork dumplings and pancakes if nothing else! Thank you so much to Wagamama for having us.

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