Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas GIft #2 Yankee Candle Sampler Set

Hello everyone! I thought I'd bring along another little post for my Christmas Gift Series. There was quite a big gap inbetween this one and the last but I have lots of photos taken in preparation so keep an eye out. I plan to do about 3 or 4 for over the next couple of days! 

Today I'm going to be talking about the Yankee Candle gift set. I can't seem to find this on the Yankee Candle website but I got this one from a Dobbies Garden Centre and I've seen them in Clintons as well. It costs £7.50 which means you're saving yourself a bit of money compared to buying the samplers at £1.75 each. I think this is a great idea for a gift as it contains 5 different scents so the lucky recipient is definitely going to like one of them. One of the things that I find most difficult for is buying presents for people that I don't really know that well like relative you aren't too close to or say secret santas. So gift sets are a nice idea because it takes the pressure off. 

I absolutely love Yankee Candles so I was really excited to get this as it meant that I could try out lots of their Christmas scents. Christmas Eve is a very nice fragrance. It's quite sweet so would be a good one if you're not keen on overly spicey candles. I think there might be some apple in there somewhere. Snow In Love is a very fresh scent. In a way a very clean scent sot it's almost snow like in a weird way. If you like things like clean cotton and baby powder then you'll love this. Apple & Pine Needle was actually the only scent in this set that I wasn't too keen on. It's very strong and I'm just not a massive fan of the smell of pine to start with. It does smell somewhat like a real Christmas tree but is a bit too strong for my liking. Christmas Cookie is one that's actually been a pleasant surprise. For the longest time I've been avoiding buying any of the sweeter scents from Yankee Candle as I thought that I'd get sick of them very quickly. I absolutely loved this even if it did make me a bit peckish for some shortbread. And finally, Red Apple Wreath. This was very similar to Christmas Eve but was a bit more spicey. It's a nice scent but nothing to go crazy over.

I really enjoyed burning my way through this set. It would make a great present for someone or even pick one up for yourself? It's a good way to find out what scents you really like before committing to a larger jar.

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Friday, 29 November 2013

DIY Nails Haul

Hello everyone. Today I've got a bit of a mini haul for you all with some goodies by DIY Nails. I actually met Tammy, the creator of DIY Nails at an event in Glasgow a few months ago but I've only just gotten round to making an order. I've never tried nail decals before so I can't wait to try them out.

I first saw the Liebkuchen Nail Decals at about 11pm on Instagram just as I was going to bed. The next day I was sitting thinking about them all day and then ordered them as soon as I got home. Like a woman possessed.  I just thought that they were the cutest little things ever. The packet was £6 which I do think is a bit expensive but I'll properly make up my mind about that when I actually apply them and see how long they last. I saw that the had free shipping on orders over £12 so I thought that I might as well just get a few more bits to get free delivery. DIY Nails don't only sell nail decals they also have lots of nice little studs and things. I also bought some Gold Pyramid Studs and Red Heart Studs. I can't wait to use these. Being a bit of an idiot I didn't realise that these are really supposed to be applied with nail glue which I don't have. I'm going to have to go and buy a little tube of that!

I was really impressed with how quick everything was. My order was dispatched within about two hours(seriously) of my ordering and came two days later in the post. I'm definitely going to do a little Christmassy NOTD with the decals, would you also like to see a NOTD post with the studs? When I get myself a tube of nail glue that is.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Things That Make Me Happy #59

1. So wrong but so right.

 2. Bit of a fire hazard but a pretty awesome idea none the less.

3. I love book nooks. 


4. I love water cities.


5. This model's dress and make up are so nice.


6. Inspirational quote of the week.


7. So cool.




9. This looks amazing!


10. Love it!

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Graze Box #7

Hello everyone. Today I'm going to talk about my last ever Graze box. Whilst it's been fun it's starting to get quite expensive so I'd rather cancel my boxes for now, I've got Christmas presents to buy! I have a friend who says she orders one off boxes around exam time and I think that's a good idea so it will probably be a while before you see a Graze box post from me. Thankfully my last box has been a success!

If you would like a free Graze box then please use my code:

Tutti Frutti - dried pineapple, cherry raisins, blueberry cranbberries and green raisins. This was really nice. I absolutely love dried pineapple so I was happy to see some in my box. The thing I like the most about the little dried fruit tubs is that they are so filling. I had it as a little dessert but this would be great for during the day as it would really keep you full until lunch/dinner.

Dark Rocky Road - dark chocolate buttons, pecan nuts and cranberries. Oh. My. God. This was so so so good. I don't know how Graze do this but everything seems to taste like they say so. Perfect, crunchy, deconstructed rocky road. The nut to chocolate ratio was pretty spot on.

Jaffa Cake Flapjack - This box so far has been on a really good streak and the jaffa cake flapjack is no difference. This was lovely and chewy and you could definitely taste the orange. And it was a really fresh orange scent/taste as well,  done of that artificial crap. The sweet tooth in me would have preferred a bit more chocolate though...

Cheddar Gorge- cheese cashews, salsa corn sticks and herb crackers. I liked this a lot more than I expected too. The cheese cashews weren't that great as I'm not much of a nut person but the salsa corn sticks and herb crackers were delicious!

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bar Soba

Hello everyone. On Friday night I finally managed to visit a restaurant that I've wanted to try out for ages. Bar Soba is located on Mitchell Lane(Glasgow) but they also have one on Byres Road(Glasgow) and Hanover Street(Edinburgh). I've seen a few people chatting about it here and there on the internet and as Asian food is my absolute favourite I knew I had to go check it out. When I suggested it to Morag she was totally game as she'd been before and enjoyed it. We arrived about 5ish and it was quiet but rather quickly got very busy so I'd recommend going earlier or booking a table.

I would just like to apologise for the blurry photo. But when you're sitting in a crowded restaurant with your DSLR out you get a lot of weird looks, there's only so long you can spend taking photos of your food! I ordered a a portion of Nasi Goreng. It's Indonesian fried rice served with chicken satay sticks, a fried egg and shrimp crackers. It was absolutely delicious! The rice itself was so lovely and the veggies in it gave it so much flavour. I'm not much of a veg girl so if I eat them then you know they must be good! I was so excited to see the shrimp crackers, they're kind of like normal prawn crackers but a bit spice and with more of a 'fishy' taste. My favourite Chinese restaurant used to serve them but they stopped doing it because not a lot of people liked them! Nasi Goreng is actually something that my mum makes a lot at home so I was interested to see what it would be like in a restaurant. A lot better than my mum's! But I think it would be best if we kept that between us don't you? I would also like to see a few more things on their dessert menu which was pretty lacking.

Morag had been before and she said that the portion sizes were quite small. So I decided to order a side of chilli fries not knowing that my dish actually came with a few. These were pretty disappointing to be honest. Basically chips sprinkled with chilli powder and not very spicy. This didn't stop us from nearly demolishing them though..... 

Overall I really enjoyed my candle light dinner with Morag at Bar Soba and would definitely go again. I think the prices were pretty good and my main cost £10.95 and the fried £2.95. For a city centre restaurant I think that's pretty good. I think I'll drag the boyfriend through to Edinburgh to visit the Christmas market and get some more shrimp crackers from their Hanover Street Restaurant. Although admittedly he's not as camera at the table friendly as Morag.

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Country Living Christmas Fair Haul

A few people said that they wanted to see what I bought at the Country Living Christmas Fair after my post on Saturday. So I thought I'd do a quick haul post. Most of these are Christmas presents so shhhhh....

I bought my mum this spiced vanilla candle from Arran Aromatics for her Christmas present. It was half price at £5 which was a really good price. The Arran Aromatics stall had some great discounts, the stuff was literally flying off the shelves and the stall was constantly mobbed.

This little gingerbread man decoration was too cute to pass up. It was only £2 and therefore a bit of an impulse buy. My mum has this 'no decorations that aren't blue or silver' rule so it won't be going on our tree. I might give it to my grandparents or my dad's girlfriend. I haven't decided yet. It's from Jaggedy Thistle and they had lots of lovely things at their stall.

I absolutely love the phone case I bought myself from Susan McGill designs. It was £15 which I seriously grudged but I love the design and it's so well made. My last phone case was £2 and snapped within a few weeks.

I bought my dad this Oor Wullie tshirt from Fortune Favours The Brave. If you're not Scottish then Oor Wullie  is a very popular Scottish cartoon that my dad absolutely loves. It is pretty funny. The tshirt was only £15 and I know he'll love it.

When I saw this tea towel from Block Art I knew I had to get it for my mum. She says this all the time although mostly in really annoying circumstances. £7.99 well spent.

And finally my favourite purchase of the day. This Ginger & Star Aniseed Chilli Jelly from Red Dog Artisan Foods. It's so tasty and has such a lovely kick. I brought it out last night as part of the cheeseboard after our Sunday roast and it was so nice with cheese and crackers. The man working their stall(who was so lovely) said it's nice as a glaze on chicken and salmon and I can't wait to try it. It was £4 which is quite expensive but I think it will last me a while.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

OOTD- Fashion Union Dress

Hello everyone! I thought I'd show you the outfit that I wore to the Country Living Christmas Fair. This dress is from Fashion Union and it was kindly sent to me via etailPR. Tartan seems to be the biggest and most loved trend this season so I love how it combines the tartan with the gorgeous rose print. The only problem that I have is that this dress is too big. Fashion Union don't have any sort of sizing guide on their website so I took a chance and ordered a small which is supposed to match up with a size 8. Despite that it's still too big and I could have gotten away with an extra small. So I'd recommend ordering a size down, there's also a cheeky little discount code in my sidebar. We took these photos outside Scotland's new Hydro Arena. It's so fancy!

Coat - BHS
Dress - Fashion Union
Jumper - H&M
Boots - New Look

To distract from the fact that the dress is too big I decided to pair it with this jumper from H&M. I really love the kind of lilac-grey colour and think it goes really well with the colour scheme of the dress. It also helped keep me extra warm for walking around in the cold.

And of course my classic black heeled boots from New Look. What can I say? They go with everything.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Country Living Christmas Fair - Glasgow

Hello everyone. I was given a press pass for the Country Living Christmas Fair which is being hosted at the SECC(Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) on 21-24th November. I went along with my good blogging chum Morag and we had a great time. I managed to get quite a bit of Christmas shopping done which is very relieving. There were a gazillions stalls, so much to see. I'm only sharing some photos of my favourites otherwise this post would be far too long. Also if you would like to see a haul of every thing that I bought then please let me know. Morag bought a really cute tea towel for her granny.

The first stall that really caught my eye was the Gillian Kyle stall. All their little trinkets are so adorable. I wish I had someone to buy for that would have really appreciated it. I don't think that they suit the style of anyone I'm buying for this year and things this beautiful need to be appreciated. If it wasn't so close to Christmas I would have treated myself.

I absolutely loved this jewellery stall. They had lots of lovely things at great prices. I really love the oreo necklaces(not pictured). Everything was so quirky, great for kids.

Upon seeing this stall, Morag and I both automatically went 'awwwww'. The little mouse decorations are just the cutest little things. Wish I had my own place so I could justify buying a gazillion decorations.

Throughout the event they had lots of little demonstrations and workshops going on. I never managed to get into any of these because they were so busy but from what I eavesdropped on they looked really good and informative.

These oils from Summer Harvest Oils were absolutely gorgeous. I absolutely loved the red pepper and chilli one. Just the perfect ammount of chilli.

The oreo cakes were absolutely gorgeous. About the size of my hand. Definitely good value for money considering how much some places charge for tiny cupcakes.

My absolute favourite stall was the Susan McGill designs stall. I ended up buying myself this phone case. All her designs were so unique and quirky. It really stood out against the rest of the stalls.

The Country Living Christmas Fair is open today until 5pm and tomorrow if you're in Glasgow and want to pop in for a look. The tickets cost £12. And if you've missed it then there's always next year!

I didn't manage to get the names of all the stalls written down so if you see a photo of your stall then please send me a link to your website and I'll link it in!

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Things That Make Me Happy #58

1. How gorgeous do these pancakes look? Perfect morning treat.


2. I love the wood panelled wall in this bathroom.


3. I love these glasses and they even match the hat!


4. Inspirational quote of the week.


5. Lovely wintery print.


6. I can't wait for the snow to come. I reckon my dog will look a bit like this fox.


7. I love this phone case from Sighh, pretty accurate.


8. This cheesy pull apart bread looks amazing!


9. How gorgeous is Kayley Cuoco?


10. Yet another snowy, fluffy picture.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Currently I'm...

Hello everyone. I saw a post like this on Char's blog and thought it was a really nice twist on an update post. So I'm doing my own to let you all in on what I've been up to.

Reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I read the first book from The Mortal Instruments series, City Of Bones, but someone else had taken the next book in the series out the library when I went to go get it. To tide me over until it's available again I thought I'd start her spin off series, The Infernal Devices. I haven't really read enough to decide whether I like it or not but I really liked City Of Bones so I'm looking forward to getting into it.

Watching I've gotten a bit addicted to Educating Yorkshire and Educating Essex which I've been watching on 4od. I don't know why I want to spend my free time watching a programme about a school when I go to school 5 days a week but I'm loving it!

Listening to 30 Seconds To Mars and You Me At Six. I'm scheduling this post on Monday night but by the time this post is published I'll have seen them both live at the Hydro. I'm hoping that it will be everything I'm expecting and more.

Drinking Apple and Mango Tropicana. I always have a glass of  fruit juice with my breakfast but normally just stick to apple or orange. I'm really liking this though as something a little bit different.

He hates me.

Loving dog walks. With my mum on holiday last weekend I've been in charge of all the walkies. I find that the more often I walk Sam the more he interacts with me, listens to me and comes for post walkies cuddles.

Enjoying early nights in bed with candles and a book. Now that winter is setting in I want to sleep 24/7, it's all about being cosy!

Learning integration by parts in Maths, wave-particle duality in Physics and thermodynamics in Chemistry. Fun fun fun. I have two NABs next week, one on Wednesday and Thursday. Then it's my in school deadline for UCAS applications on Friday. Everything is a bit hectic at the moment but it'll be worth it.

Wearing my new winter coat form BHS that you can see in this ootd. Very, very cosy!

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Graze Box #6

Hello everyone. Today I'm doing the penultimate Graze box post. Whilst I do really love getting my Graze boxes every fortnight, the cost adds up. I'm certainly going to order one of boxes every now and again but I'm cancelling the subscription after the next box. I'm using the send soon option to send myself of  the things I really want to try and then that's it for a while. Farewell Graze!

If you yourself want to try a Graze box for free then please use my code:

My Thai - This is ok but I'm not crazy about it. I was quite annoyed to see this again as I've already had it. Especially as I only had it marked as like and not love. The sweet chilli sauce is very nice but I haven't made my mind up about the crackers. They taste quite artificial.

Black Pepper Healthy Popping Corn- Oh my god this was absolutely amazing. Satisfied the popcorn craving that I had completely. I love black pepper and really liked the different edge that it gave the popcorn. If I could get a Graze box subscription for just popcorn I totally would. If anyone has any more healthy popcorn recommendations then please let me know.

Nacho Libre - Salsa almonds, cheesy sombreros and jumbo chilli corn. The cheesy sombreros were pretty good but that's all this one really did for me. Not a massive fan of nuts so things like this aren't to my personal taste.

Fruit & Seed Flapjack - Yet another thing I've already had before. I was a lot happier to see this though as I liked it more than I liked the My Thai. Graze do great flapjacks. They're also really filling which is a huge plus. This definitely isn't as nice as the orange and ginger one I had in my last box though!

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Gift #1 Lush Out Of This World

 Hello everyone! I've decided to do a little series on my blog about Christmas gifts. I know it's only November but I like to try and get my Christmas shopping done by the start of December so that I have time to relax and enjoy the Christmassy seasons. I'm not sure how often I'm going to do these posts but in each one I'm just going to be talking about the things I've received/given as gifts and why I liked them/think they are good gifts.

First up is the Out Of This World gift set from Lush. As a little bit of nostalgia. This is the first thing I ever got from Lush and I got it as a Christmas present way back in the day. It contains one space girl bath bomb and some rock star soap in the shape of a star. These are some classic products from Lush and have very safe scents. I think this would be a great present for say a secret santa or someone who's never tried anything from Lush before. I'm going to give a little mini review of both of them below.

Space Girl - This is such a lovely bath bomb. It smells like Parma Violets and is very sweet and relaxing. I think some people avoid Lush because they don't like being over loaded with strong scents. This however, will be very soothing and not overbearing. Therefore, perfect for dragging in a Lush newbie. It turns your water a beautiful dark purple colour. It also contains popping candy which you can hear crackling when it's in the water.

Rock Star Soap - I absolutely love this soap. It smells like bubble gum and candy floss. Very sweet! It's also very moisturising. I tend to avoid soaps as I find that they can dry your skin out but this does the complete opposite and leaves you feeling silky smooth.

Overall the gift set costs £6.75 and buying the contents individually would only cost you £5.65. If you're not much of a wrapper then you should probably just buy the gift set as it comes so beautifully wrapped and the paper even glows in the dark. Or you can save yourself some money and wrap it up nicely yourself, the choice is up to you. However, I do definitely recommend these two products for a Lush Christmas.

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