Bar Soba

Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Hello everyone. On Friday night I finally managed to visit a restaurant that I've wanted to try out for ages. Bar Soba is located on Mitchell Lane(Glasgow) but they also have one on Byres Road(Glasgow) and Hanover Street(Edinburgh). I've seen a few people chatting about it here and there on the internet and as Asian food is my absolute favourite I knew I had to go check it out. When I suggested it to Morag she was totally game as she'd been before and enjoyed it. We arrived about 5ish and it was quiet but rather quickly got very busy so I'd recommend going earlier or booking a table.

I would just like to apologise for the blurry photo. But when you're sitting in a crowded restaurant with your DSLR out you get a lot of weird looks, there's only so long you can spend taking photos of your food! I ordered a a portion of Nasi Goreng. It's Indonesian fried rice served with chicken satay sticks, a fried egg and shrimp crackers. It was absolutely delicious! The rice itself was so lovely and the veggies in it gave it so much flavour. I'm not much of a veg girl so if I eat them then you know they must be good! I was so excited to see the shrimp crackers, they're kind of like normal prawn crackers but a bit spice and with more of a 'fishy' taste. My favourite Chinese restaurant used to serve them but they stopped doing it because not a lot of people liked them! Nasi Goreng is actually something that my mum makes a lot at home so I was interested to see what it would be like in a restaurant. A lot better than my mum's! But I think it would be best if we kept that between us don't you? I would also like to see a few more things on their dessert menu which was pretty lacking.

Morag had been before and she said that the portion sizes were quite small. So I decided to order a side of chilli fries not knowing that my dish actually came with a few. These were pretty disappointing to be honest. Basically chips sprinkled with chilli powder and not very spicy. This didn't stop us from nearly demolishing them though..... 

Overall I really enjoyed my candle light dinner with Morag at Bar Soba and would definitely go again. I think the prices were pretty good and my main cost £10.95 and the fried £2.95. For a city centre restaurant I think that's pretty good. I think I'll drag the boyfriend through to Edinburgh to visit the Christmas market and get some more shrimp crackers from their Hanover Street Restaurant. Although admittedly he's not as camera at the table friendly as Morag.

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