Christmas Gift #1 Lush Out Of This World

Monday, 18 November 2013
 Hello everyone! I've decided to do a little series on my blog about Christmas gifts. I know it's only November but I like to try and get my Christmas shopping done by the start of December so that I have time to relax and enjoy the Christmassy seasons. I'm not sure how often I'm going to do these posts but in each one I'm just going to be talking about the things I've received/given as gifts and why I liked them/think they are good gifts.

First up is the Out Of This World gift set from Lush. As a little bit of nostalgia. This is the first thing I ever got from Lush and I got it as a Christmas present way back in the day. It contains one space girl bath bomb and some rock star soap in the shape of a star. These are some classic products from Lush and have very safe scents. I think this would be a great present for say a secret santa or someone who's never tried anything from Lush before. I'm going to give a little mini review of both of them below.

Space Girl - This is such a lovely bath bomb. It smells like Parma Violets and is very sweet and relaxing. I think some people avoid Lush because they don't like being over loaded with strong scents. This however, will be very soothing and not overbearing. Therefore, perfect for dragging in a Lush newbie. It turns your water a beautiful dark purple colour. It also contains popping candy which you can hear crackling when it's in the water.

Rock Star Soap - I absolutely love this soap. It smells like bubble gum and candy floss. Very sweet! It's also very moisturising. I tend to avoid soaps as I find that they can dry your skin out but this does the complete opposite and leaves you feeling silky smooth.

Overall the gift set costs £6.75 and buying the contents individually would only cost you £5.65. If you're not much of a wrapper then you should probably just buy the gift set as it comes so beautifully wrapped and the paper even glows in the dark. Or you can save yourself some money and wrap it up nicely yourself, the choice is up to you. However, I do definitely recommend these two products for a Lush Christmas.

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