Country Living Christmas Fair - Glasgow

Saturday, 23 November 2013
Hello everyone. I was given a press pass for the Country Living Christmas Fair which is being hosted at the SECC(Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) on 21-24th November. I went along with my good blogging chum Morag and we had a great time. I managed to get quite a bit of Christmas shopping done which is very relieving. There were a gazillions stalls, so much to see. I'm only sharing some photos of my favourites otherwise this post would be far too long. Also if you would like to see a haul of every thing that I bought then please let me know. Morag bought a really cute tea towel for her granny.

The first stall that really caught my eye was the Gillian Kyle stall. All their little trinkets are so adorable. I wish I had someone to buy for that would have really appreciated it. I don't think that they suit the style of anyone I'm buying for this year and things this beautiful need to be appreciated. If it wasn't so close to Christmas I would have treated myself.

I absolutely loved this jewellery stall. They had lots of lovely things at great prices. I really love the oreo necklaces(not pictured). Everything was so quirky, great for kids.

Upon seeing this stall, Morag and I both automatically went 'awwwww'. The little mouse decorations are just the cutest little things. Wish I had my own place so I could justify buying a gazillion decorations.

Throughout the event they had lots of little demonstrations and workshops going on. I never managed to get into any of these because they were so busy but from what I eavesdropped on they looked really good and informative.

These oils from Summer Harvest Oils were absolutely gorgeous. I absolutely loved the red pepper and chilli one. Just the perfect ammount of chilli.

The oreo cakes were absolutely gorgeous. About the size of my hand. Definitely good value for money considering how much some places charge for tiny cupcakes.

My absolute favourite stall was the Susan McGill designs stall. I ended up buying myself this phone case. All her designs were so unique and quirky. It really stood out against the rest of the stalls.

The Country Living Christmas Fair is open today until 5pm and tomorrow if you're in Glasgow and want to pop in for a look. The tickets cost £12. And if you've missed it then there's always next year!

I didn't manage to get the names of all the stalls written down so if you see a photo of your stall then please send me a link to your website and I'll link it in!

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