Monday, 25 November 2013

Country Living Christmas Fair Haul

A few people said that they wanted to see what I bought at the Country Living Christmas Fair after my post on Saturday. So I thought I'd do a quick haul post. Most of these are Christmas presents so shhhhh....

I bought my mum this spiced vanilla candle from Arran Aromatics for her Christmas present. It was half price at £5 which was a really good price. The Arran Aromatics stall had some great discounts, the stuff was literally flying off the shelves and the stall was constantly mobbed.

This little gingerbread man decoration was too cute to pass up. It was only £2 and therefore a bit of an impulse buy. My mum has this 'no decorations that aren't blue or silver' rule so it won't be going on our tree. I might give it to my grandparents or my dad's girlfriend. I haven't decided yet. It's from Jaggedy Thistle and they had lots of lovely things at their stall.

I absolutely love the phone case I bought myself from Susan McGill designs. It was £15 which I seriously grudged but I love the design and it's so well made. My last phone case was £2 and snapped within a few weeks.

I bought my dad this Oor Wullie tshirt from Fortune Favours The Brave. If you're not Scottish then Oor Wullie  is a very popular Scottish cartoon that my dad absolutely loves. It is pretty funny. The tshirt was only £15 and I know he'll love it.

When I saw this tea towel from Block Art I knew I had to get it for my mum. She says this all the time although mostly in really annoying circumstances. £7.99 well spent.

And finally my favourite purchase of the day. This Ginger & Star Aniseed Chilli Jelly from Red Dog Artisan Foods. It's so tasty and has such a lovely kick. I brought it out last night as part of the cheeseboard after our Sunday roast and it was so nice with cheese and crackers. The man working their stall(who was so lovely) said it's nice as a glaze on chicken and salmon and I can't wait to try it. It was £4 which is quite expensive but I think it will last me a while.

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