Friday, 29 November 2013

DIY Nails Haul

Hello everyone. Today I've got a bit of a mini haul for you all with some goodies by DIY Nails. I actually met Tammy, the creator of DIY Nails at an event in Glasgow a few months ago but I've only just gotten round to making an order. I've never tried nail decals before so I can't wait to try them out.

I first saw the Liebkuchen Nail Decals at about 11pm on Instagram just as I was going to bed. The next day I was sitting thinking about them all day and then ordered them as soon as I got home. Like a woman possessed.  I just thought that they were the cutest little things ever. The packet was £6 which I do think is a bit expensive but I'll properly make up my mind about that when I actually apply them and see how long they last. I saw that the had free shipping on orders over £12 so I thought that I might as well just get a few more bits to get free delivery. DIY Nails don't only sell nail decals they also have lots of nice little studs and things. I also bought some Gold Pyramid Studs and Red Heart Studs. I can't wait to use these. Being a bit of an idiot I didn't realise that these are really supposed to be applied with nail glue which I don't have. I'm going to have to go and buy a little tube of that!

I was really impressed with how quick everything was. My order was dispatched within about two hours(seriously) of my ordering and came two days later in the post. I'm definitely going to do a little Christmassy NOTD with the decals, would you also like to see a NOTD post with the studs? When I get myself a tube of nail glue that is.

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