Graze Box #5

Tuesday, 5 November 2013
Hello everyone. Today I've got another Graze box review, this one a lot more positive than the last. I absolutely loved everything in this box, it was a real goodun! After my last box was very disappointing I ordered most of these on the 'send soon' option and I have decided that it's the way forward. 

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Chocolate Pretzel - Oh my word. This is a new offering from Graze and it was definitely a good decision. The pretzels were really crunchy and they went really well with the chocolate dipping sauce. Not something I'd usually put together but they actually complemented each other so well.

Tropical Sundae - This is a mixture of dried mango, pineapple and banana. I really loved the dried mango and pineapple but wasn't a massive fan of the banana. I'd definitely get this again though as it was very filling and delicious.

Orange & Ginger Flapjack - This was absolutely delicious. It's the second flapjack I've tried from Graze and definitely my favourite. The ginger was very strong which was great as I love ginger. It was really crunchy but gooey and felt like a great snack. This would definitely satisfy any cravings!

Jaffa Cake - I was really amazed by how much this mixture tasted like a jaffa cake. It's a mixture of dark chocolate buttons, orange raisins and hazelnuts. I'm not a massive fan of nuts but I really enjoyed this. Much like the chocolate orange I think it's so cool how Graze puts these together as they always taste spot on.

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