Graze Box #6

Tuesday, 19 November 2013
Hello everyone. Today I'm doing the penultimate Graze box post. Whilst I do really love getting my Graze boxes every fortnight, the cost adds up. I'm certainly going to order one of boxes every now and again but I'm cancelling the subscription after the next box. I'm using the send soon option to send myself of  the things I really want to try and then that's it for a while. Farewell Graze!

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My Thai - This is ok but I'm not crazy about it. I was quite annoyed to see this again as I've already had it. Especially as I only had it marked as like and not love. The sweet chilli sauce is very nice but I haven't made my mind up about the crackers. They taste quite artificial.

Black Pepper Healthy Popping Corn- Oh my god this was absolutely amazing. Satisfied the popcorn craving that I had completely. I love black pepper and really liked the different edge that it gave the popcorn. If I could get a Graze box subscription for just popcorn I totally would. If anyone has any more healthy popcorn recommendations then please let me know.

Nacho Libre - Salsa almonds, cheesy sombreros and jumbo chilli corn. The cheesy sombreros were pretty good but that's all this one really did for me. Not a massive fan of nuts so things like this aren't to my personal taste.

Fruit & Seed Flapjack - Yet another thing I've already had before. I was a lot happier to see this though as I liked it more than I liked the My Thai. Graze do great flapjacks. They're also really filling which is a huge plus. This definitely isn't as nice as the orange and ginger one I had in my last box though!

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