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Wednesday, 13 November 2013
As dorky as it is to admit, the Lush Christmas collection is one of my favourite things about this time of year. So as you can imagine I was pretty please to see that they were adding a lot of new things this year. Bormbardino was love as first sniff. My all time favourites from the Lush collection are Cinders and Melting Snowman, so how does Bombardino compare?

First off, Bombardino is a very visually appealing bath bomb. With two little black eyes and a mountain of grey hair. It's very cute. Why is everything so much cuter if it has eyes? The eyes are made of the same cocoa butter as the eyes on the melting snowman. I hate to say it so crudely but these don't dissolve very well and it looks like you've shit the bath. Honest blogging over here! Apart from that, Bombardino is a great little bath bomb.
The scent is based on an alcoholic drink consisting of eggnog and brandy. My most honest description is that Bombardino smells like the love child of Cinders and Butterball. It's a beautiful, warm, spicy scent that I absolutely love. 

It's not a particularily showy bath bomb in colour. Somewhat like Cinders and it also contains a lot of glitter but I found it to create a nice relaxing bath, even if you do have to clean your bath afterwards. I know I have a moan about this in nearly every bath bomb review but I just hate glitter in bath bombs. It's hard to find bath bombs that don't contain it! At £2.50 it's one of Lush's cheaper bath bombs and I totally recommend.

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