November Wishlist

Friday, 15 November 2013
November Wishlist

Dress / Skirt / Boots / Jumper / Candle

1. I made my first BooHoo order and I absolutely loved the dress that I got. Now I want everything on their website. I love this velvet dress because of the colour and because I just love velvet. A few people I know hate velvet but I just love the feeling of it.

2. Not too sure if I'd have the balls to wear it but I absolutely love this skirt. Autumn florals just stand out so much more to me than summer florals and I love the colours in this print.

3. I still need to buy a flat pair of winter boots and I absolutely love this pair from New Look. I always go to New Look for my winter boots as I love their fit and the quality is really good for the price.

4. What's a November wishlist without a novelty Christmas jumper? This Topshop one caught my eye straight away. It's very expensive but it would last for a good few years and I'd wear it all year round anyway ;).

5. There's a new Yankee Candle store opening in my town and I'm worried about how this is going to effect my bank balance. I really want cinnamon stick as I absolutely love the smell of it, perfect for snuggly nights in.

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