Week In Photos #54

Sunday, 10 November 2013

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That Primark dress / Chiquito / Town centre

Hello everyone! I'm so glad that it's finally Sunday because this week has been so long. You know those weeks where nothing in particular really happens but you just feel so drained by the end of the week? Yeah that's me at the moment. 

The weekend has been to most exciting part of my week. On Friday night I went to see my dad so I could give him his birthday present as it's his birthday today(it's also Morag's too so happy birthday!). I got him a voucher for Nandos which I think he was quite pleased with.

Then on Saturday night we went out for dinner for my friend Louise's birthday. We went to Chiquito and I had the pulled pork quesadillas which were absolutely amazing. We all chipped in a bit and bought her a bottle of Dot by Marc Jacobs, I'm a bit jealous as it's such a gorgeous perfume ;). Today I'm just planning on going to work and then chilling out afterwords. My favourite way to end the week.

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